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It's probably not a huge surprise, but Joan Rivers's roast on Comedy Central last weekend "drew 2.8 million viewers, 32% fewer than for the previous one on the cabler." I know I didn't tune in for that one. Did you?

I did, however, greatly enjoy the Comedy Central roasts of Denis Leary and Bob Saget, and obviously the success of these things depends on how interested audiences are in seeing a particular celebrity be teased and insulted over and over again. There wasn't a ton of interest in Joan Rivers, apparently. So who should get roasted on Comedy Central?

Kathy Griffin was the roastmaster for Rivers's show, and I think sometime down the line, she herself would make a good roastee. I also think Steve Martin might make for a funny roast, and I'd like to see Jeremy Piven up there someday mostly because, well, he deserves it. Who do you want to see get roasted?

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