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Buzz In: Who Are Your Favorite Reality Show Contestants?

We've talked a lot around here about the most heinous reality show contestants, the Omarosas and Wendy Peppers of the world who are — best case — the kind of folks you love to hate (and mostly just hate). But what about the reality show contestants you love to love, the ones that keep you going when things get nasty?

I was thinking about this because one of my favorite reality contestants, Tabatha Coffey of Shear Genius season one, is getting her own show on Bravo. As a contestant, Tabatha was witty, sharp-tongued, and maybe just a little unhinged, all of which made her a total joy for me to watch.

That show also had another of the greatest reality contestants in my book, the scrubs-wearing Dr. Boogie. I also have a sweet spot for Andrew from the most recent edition of Top Chef, 100 Proof from the The White Rapper Show, and Carrie Underwood back in her starry-eyed, crunchy-haired country girl days as an American Idol contestant.

Which reality show contestants have you actually enjoyed watching?

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