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Community Blabber: Save True Blood's Tara!

This week, Buzz readers were buzzin' about some of the usual topics like True Blood, but also had a lot to say about the casting of the American version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and shared their feelings about Frank's departure from The Bachelorette.

We're pulling for you, Tara

  • "I love Tara. I think it would be interesting if she turned, but I hope she doesn't." — pargie
  • "She's my favorite character on the show. I kind of hope she doesn't turn." — bryseana
  • "I can't see her turning. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, though! I'm surprised so many people find her annoying. I love her & Lafayette together, they're so funny." — postmodernsleaze

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Who needs an American version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?

  • "Boo. I wish they weren't making a remake. The Swedish version is SO good. Noomi Rapace was amazing as Lisbeth." — Noodles and Waffles
  • "I dunno how I feel about a remake either. Why bother if they have to fake Swedish accents? I suppose I'll still watch or rent it anyway though." — reesiecup
  • "I also don't understand the remake. The Swedish one is so amazing (and no one will be able to beat Noomi Rapace's performance), and very recent." — postmodernsleaze

Good riddance, Frank!

  • "At least frank did tell her the truth, but he's annoyed me all season with this whiny crap." — redchick152
  • "Watching Frank come clean was really hard to watch. It just seemed so drawn out. Personally I think he's a coward though." — Chelsea25
  • "Frank seems to lack emotional maturity and self-knowledge. I bet he makes a lot of mistakes that he later regrets — maybe this will be one of them, maybe not. I was never a huge fan of his, either." — jultritz

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