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reesiecup reesiecup 8 years
I loved all or majority of the songs of these albums (in no order): 1. The Killers - "Hot Fuss" 2. No Doubt - "Tragic Kingdom" 3. Lauryn Hill - "The Miseducation of LH" 4. Augustana - "All the Stars and Blvds" 5. Radiohead - "The Bends" and 6. "OK Computer" 7. Coldplay - "Parachutes" 8. Deftones - "White Pony" 9. The Postal Service - "Give Up" 10. Alanis Morissette - "Jagged Little Pill" 11. Fiona Apple - "Tidal" 12. Sublime - "Greatest Hits" 13. Death Cab - "Plans" 14. Incubus - "Make Yourself" 15. Linkin Park - "Hybrid Theory" 16. Jay-Z - "Vol. 2, Hard Knock Life" 17. Bush- "Sixteen Stone' 18. Goo Goo Dolls - "Dizzy Up the Girl" 19. Blink 182 - "Enema of the State" 20. Keane - "Hopes and Fears" 21. U2 - "U218 Singles" 22. Garbage - "Version 2.0" and these soundtracks :) 23. Moulin Rouge! 24. Romeo + Juliet 25. Save the Last Dance I love music but it was hard to narrow it down to albums. I'm surprised I could come up with so many in one sitting--definitely more than 12! I'm sure I'll think of more later today :)
the-afterlife the-afterlife 8 years
Ah, let's see. Ten, Pearl Jam. (The first and the best.) Carnavas, Silversun Pickups. Alive 2007, Daft Punk. (I don't normally listen to them, but this was fab.) Eyes Open, Snow Patrol. (Always favourite. The lyrics.. <3 ) And I just got Tallahassee, and it's brilliant. Thankyou! :)
bonbonagogo bonbonagogo 8 years
I really couldn't narrow it down to 12. Here's 25. 1. Document - REM 2. Bona Drag - Morrissey 3. Pretty Hate Machine - Nine Inch Nails 4. Billy Breathes - Phish 5. Songs for Older Women - Umphrey's McGee 6. Live in the Thousand Islands - Deep Banana Blackout 7. Lucky Eleven - Stephen Kellogg 8. Chocolate and Cheese - Ween 9. Haughty Melodic - Mike Doughty 10. Golden Delicious - Mike Doughty 11. American Beauty - The Grateful Dead 12. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me - The Cure 13. Thriller - Michael Jackson 14. Seven and the Ragged Tiger - Duran Duran 15. It's a Shame About Ray - The Lemonheads 16. Native Son - The Judybats 17. Between 10th and 11th - The Charlatans UK 18. Faith - George Michael 19. Geode - The Recipe 20. Like a Virgin - Madonna 21. Leisure - Blur 22. Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde - The Pharcyde 23. Brushfire Fairytales - Jack Johnson 24. Slippery When Wet - Bon Jovi 25. Under the Table and Dreaming - Dave Matthews Band
rivrchild rivrchild 8 years
No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom
Nitachequita Nitachequita 8 years
I'm a little old school: U2 - Joshua Tree Green Day - American Idiot Jude Cole - A View From 3rd Street The Eagles - Greatest Hits 1971-1975 Joshua Radin - We Were Here Shawn Colvin - Steady On Ray LaMontagne - Trouble Fountains of Wayne - Welcome Interstate Managers Prince - Purple Rain Various Artists - Xanadu Soundtrack
moonwater moonwater 8 years
Here goes my list: Michael Jackson, Thriller: I still have the LP Temple Of The Dog, Temple Of The Dog Alice In Chains, MTV Unplugged Pearl Jam,Ten Nirvana, Unplugged In New York (I lived in Seattle in the 90's.) Rage Against The Machine, Rage Against The Machine Blue October, The Answers Syntax, Mercano Mind Third Eye Blind, Third Eye Blind Three Day's Grace, One X Rise Against, The Sufferer and The Witness
lmaguire5 lmaguire5 8 years
totally had that cranberries cd in junior high and listened to it non stop, also an amee mann fan!! love the list
syako syako 8 years
I think it would be so hard to come up with a list.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
That's such a good list! I would definitely have to include a couple of them on my own top list.
syako syako 8 years
good list! I agree with Lauryn Hill. I loved that CD back in the day and sometimes I'll randomly put it in and it never disappoints. Death Cab for Cutie - always a good choice. It's funny you posted that Michael Jackson CD. My dad has the LP and for Christmas he bought this thing that lets you convert all your LPs into MP3s and so we were going through his LP collection. My sister and I swore that in that LP there was a photo of Michael and a white tiger. Well it turns out it was a tiger cub (normal colored) but it was so weird that we both had that same (wrong) mental image. :)
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