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BuzzSugar Comment Roundup of the Week

Community Blabber: The Office's Halloween Episode Impresses

Each day I look forward to reading the clever commentary you guys have to add to BuzzSugar stories. This week, the subjects that got the most chatter were TV episodes (one funny and one frustrating), and the holiday we've been looking forward to all month.

The Office "Costume Contest" episode: a return to funny form!

  • "Ahh!! A shining ray of goodness from The Office is so exciting. I laughed so hard in this episode. The opening was so funny. And the end was freaking adorable." — kismekate
  • "Jim was so sweet. He finally wears a Halloween costume! With Cece in tow! Erin had me laughing so hard about the apples! Although I was hoping for some knockout lines from Meredith. Her coming as Sookie was hilarious. Or maybe she and Andy could've walked together when they were all asked to model their costumes." — TheEnchantedOne
  • "I liked everything but the scenes with Michael (except for when Kelly asked him why he ruins everything). Nice of the writers to make us want him to go." — stephley

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What will be the most overdone Halloween costume this year?

  • "I hope it's Antoine Dodson because that would be AWESOME." — lizcrewzn
  • "I doubt that the Glee club will be a costume that's that successful this year, because Jersey Shore will be the most overplayed, marginally more than Lady Gaga." — bfromthehart
  • "Avatar. I was out yesterday and have seen a few Avatar costumes already." — Anonymous

Jenny Humphrey returns to Manhattan, but does Gossip Girl need her?

  • "I haven't liked her since the first season. Hopefully she goes back to somewhat normal and serves to kind of complement the other, more dramatic (but not as annoying) characters." — bsglrok132
  • "I don't even watch this show and even I hate the raccoon eyes." — skigurl
  • "Not at all; I agree that she is so unnecessary and the show is better without her. Not to mention, she is a terrible actress! It is painful to watch her. The other thing I hate is how she acted in the promo. I've yet to watch this week's episode, but it pisses me off that everyone hates Chuck for taking advantage of Jenny and yet she's acting all cavalier and slutty; joking about how she "gave it up." Hopefully she doesn't stay around for very long . . ." — lizlee89

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reba506 reba506 6 years
One of my favorite Halloween episodes of The Office.
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