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Community Blabber: What Got You Talking This Week

After a bit of lamenting the end of the regular TV season, I have no more complaining to do, because one of my favorite shows is back! It's obviously also one of your favorite shows too, since it was once of the most-chatted about stories this week. See which comments I liked from that post, as well as the other topics that had you buzzing.

The True Blood premiere had you howling for more:

  • "I'm so glad it's back! Great first episode, I loved Jason and Andy, how they're like buddies now. Tara is my least fave character of the show so I wouldn't be overly distraught if she died. I'm super excited for the wolves, Alcide has always been a fave character in the books so I can't wait to see him. And DUH the wolves are better on this show than the Twilight movies, they're REAL! Not some CGI ginormous pretend wolves." — Renees3
  • "Pam was pretty on last night too. Especially her fake attempt to stop Sookie from going downstairs. Love her." — pinkflake2
  • "I am so pumped for this season. The wolves were my absolute favorite part of the episode and I can't wait to see more of the werewolf storyline. I am SO SO SO SO glad they used real wolves and not some cheesy CGI crap. I admit I am a huge fan of doggies and their original ancestor, I just find wolves to be beautiful animals Smiling I loved watching the postmortem thing at the end of the episode and seeing the wolves in action (and howling!)." — postmodernsleaze

To see some more hot topics, just


You weighed in on whether Breaking Dawn should lose its birthing scene:

  • "I'm a little split on this, because while I do believe the birthing scene is very important to the storyline, I'm not sure it can be done tastefully on screen. And I'd rather it not be done at all, than to see it done very, very badly. And with this screenwriter (sigh) those are our two options. I just hope it isn't glossed over (i.e., we're downstairs with all the Cullens and you [hear] only sporadic noises and then a baby crying — come on!) in its entirety. They had a great director for the last two, hopefully he can do something with it. Maybe it depends on how the fight scenes were done in Eclipse — if those were done well, there may be hope yet. Now, the Bella-n-Edward sexing? Sign me up for (more than) a hint of that!" — gingirl
  • "It's necessary to make people understand how she gets transformed and how a vampire baby is birthed. I agree with 'skigurl'... she doesn't need to film the actual stomach part and cutting part, you can show the faces and whatnot without actually getting all "Hostel" about it." — ddene5713_2
  • "The birthing scene was not so gross as it was comical and grotesque. Specifically, I'm thinking about the "blood fountain." And I think including this would detract from the movie." — nylorac

Sofia Coppola's trailer for Somewhere inspires mixed opinions:

  • "It looks OK. It reminds me of every other commercial on TV pairing mellow hipster influenced folk with random life images to gloss over a feeling of nostalgic optimism. Not sold. But I hope it garners Stephen Dorff some more attention, I like the dude." — Silvers567
  • "I loved the use I'll try anything once. Julian's melancholic voice and lyrics are perfect for the trailer." — izeoftheworld
  • "Between this trailer, the preview for Bored to Death, and the new Rooney album that I bought today, I'm on Coppola overload. . . and it's great." — EmilieLove

Photo courtesy of HBO

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