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BuzzSugar's Gingerbread House

BuzzSugar's Gingerbread House

When CasaSugar announced the first annual gingerbread house throwdown here at Sugar HQ a few weeks back, I knew I needed to come up with a creation that was buzzworthy in addition to being delicious. Luckily, after brainstorming with some friends, inspiration struck: I wasn't going to just make a gingerbread house. I was going to make gingerbread House.

There he is! He's wearing his trademark blue button-down shirt and carrying a (candy) cane, and he's even got some stubble growing on his gingerbread face. That's an orange pill bottle you see in his left hand; the white pills (OK, Tic Tacs) scattered around are Vicodin, naturally.

Think Dr. Gregory "Gingerbread" House has what it takes to win? Go vote on which gingerbread creation is the best of Sugar. I admit we have some stiff competition — Pop made Britney's estate, after all, and Party drew up an elaborate plan for hers. But are any of the others anywhere near as punny? No, I think not.

If you're feeling inspired, remember there's still time to enter Yum's gingerbread house challenge. Anyone up for making a gingerbread Office?

Alternate Gingerbread House Ideas
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