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CD Review: Explosions in the Sky, All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

Explosions in the Sky convey all of the vastness of Texas with none of the twang. In fact, the Texas quartet's stirring and soaring instrumental music — which often serves as the soundtrack to the "Friday Night Lights" series and the preceding movie — sounds more like Iceland's Sigur Ros or Canada's Godspeed You Black Emperor! than anything ever to come out of the Lone Star state.

As compared to albums by its instrumental-rock peers, the band's All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone, which comes out today, is more orchestral than experimental and more triumphant than dreary. To hear more of my take and a track off the album,

Maybe its my background as a writer, but it often takes a lot for lyric-less music to win me over. But the six songs on this sweeping LP have what it takes — such as poetic guitar duets and silvery piano melodies woven together into a palpable tension, which is usually unleashed in some sort of crushing crescendo full of symbol crashes and melodrama.

As with a symphony, it makes more sense to listen to this album as a unified arc, rather than as individual songs. In lieu of catchy hooks and killer one-liners, you get startling progressions culminating in ponder-inducing moments of release that will give you chills. "The Birth and Death of the Day," for instance, starts like a lullaby then morphs into a footrace between gnashing metal-edged guitars and frantic snares before circling back to its original touching melody. You can listen to the track below; if you dig it, All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone will not disappoint.

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babyashley babyashley 10 years
When I saw "Friday Night Lights" (the movie) with my boyfriend in theaters, we both loved the soundtrack, and felt that it made the movie all the better. After some research and buying a couple albums of Explosions, we have both become huge fans and are actualy going to a show of theirs on March 10! I very much reccomend this band to anyone who appreciates instrumental music. Another favorite of mine that is very similar to Explosions is Unwed Sailor. Two amazing bands - check 'em out!
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