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Camp Gyno Commercial

Camp Gyno, Sassy Obama, and More of What Made Us LOL This Week

This week we found ourselves cracking up over some hilarious Internet finds, including a laugh-out-loud commercial and the most perfect, sassy GIF of President Obama. Also on our radar were Jimmy Fallon's impression of "Carlos Danger" and a dog who seems to feel strongly about the end of the '90s film Homeward Bound. Ease into the weekend with a laugh by checking out the pictures, GIFs, and videos that made us LOL this week!

The Camp Gyno

It was the tampon ad seen around the world this week, gaining almost 3.5 million views in a matter of days. After getting her "red badge of courage," one girl becomes the go-to girl at camp — the other campers' "Joan of Arc," if you will.

Obama Gets Sassy

Sassy Obama GIF on Twitpic

It's what GIF dreams are made of — Mike Hayes tweeted what's arguably the most perfect GIF of President Obama, who pulls off a sassy snap with ease.


Drunk Ron Weasley

To celebrate Harry Potter's birthday, Simon Pegg dressed up as "Drunk Ron Weasley," chugging a beer for the audience and offering insights into what happened after the series' epilogue.

Read on for more funny pictures and videos.

Some Lollipop Science

One man really wanted to know — how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop? According to his experiment, 850. Now that's commitment.

A Dog Who's Riveted by Homeward Bound

Who could forget the dramatic return of Shadow at the end of 1993's Homeward Bound? Apparently we're not the only ones who get emotional during that scene, since this pug clearly has a soft spot for the dog, too.

A Man Dances With a Racoon

Clad in overalls and boogieing to the beat of Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools," one man enjoyed an epic dance party on his porch — with a raccoon.

Carlos Danger For Mayor

Carlos Danger made his way to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to announce that he's joining the NYC mayoral race, saying he's "not afraid to do the dirty work."

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