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Watch the Sexier, More Stylish New Captain America Trailer

The Super Bowl teaser for Captain America gave us an idea of what's in store when The First Avenger hits theaters this Summer, but this new, full trailer helps fill in the gaps. This time around, we get a longer look at Steve Rogers's days as a scrawny kid before he makes the transformation to beefy Captain America. Plus, there's more Tommy Lee Jones and a better glimpse at the action sequences.

So far, this film looks more like a war movie than superhero flick, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I have to admit though: the effects that make Chris Evans look pocket-sized are a little hard to swallow. Check out the new trailer for yourself when you


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Stevedore Stevedore 6 years
I know you ladies aren't accustomed to getting in a lot of fist fights like us neanderthals, but to the 1st commenter, that's not lipstick on his lips, it's blood. Blood smears red. Soldier in battle = blood. And from someone who is super-critical of CGI, I think the effects showing Evans as a scrawny pre-super soldier are phenomenal. They only might be hard to swallow because we already know what Evans looks like in real life. I'd even go as far to say that anyone who never saw this actor before, or knew the premise, would never guess the images were altered. I expected a lot of static half-body shots to hide a lack of artistry. Not so. These even hold up in full-body action shots (like in the alley-- classic foreshadowing with the trash can lid, btw). And Cap was always originally a WWII story about a kid who believed in the side of his country and wanted desperately to be a soldier to fight against what, I think we can all agree, was evil. (But this movie has some Hydra sci-fi in it like the later comics, as well.) It had to be done this way to show how how he began and how he feels like a stranger in a strange land when he is unfrozen in the future. I think they hit all the right marks so far. Even the set designs are incredible in the way they mimic old 40s war posters (outside the recruitment center). Was never a massive Cap fan, but this does look remarkable.
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 6 years
I'm usually not a fan of these kinda movies, but it does look good!
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
Totally disagree with the above comment. This movie looks awesome! Especially compared to the soon to be released "Green Lantern". THAT'S cheesy. Ryan Reynolds is so miscast. This looks well-made, well-cast, and well-written. Can't wait!
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