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Caption It!

Welcome to the Caption It game on BuzzSugar! Every Wednesday, I'll post a photo still from a TV show or movie here and challenge you to think of the most hilarious caption possible. I'll announce the finalists the following Tuesday, and you'll get to vote for the best caption!

Let's see who won the poll for last week's challenge before we take a look at this week's photo. In the poll from yesterday, c4rolin3 was winning with this caption:

""I bet you ten matzos you can't beat my top score!"

Nice job, c4rolin3! Now for this week's picture from the upcoming Julie and Julia:

Leave your captions in the comment space below before 5 p.m. PDT on Monday, Aug. 10 to be considered for a spot in the voting round. Have fun!

Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures

Join The Conversation
lickety-split lickety-split 7 years
"that's what it's all about!" (clap-clap)
sundew sundew 7 years
Noodles-and-Waffles Noodles-and-Waffles 7 years
Hey Macarena!
Rainey-4-Pres Rainey-4-Pres 7 years
hahahaha there are so many good ones up already!!!! i love #6
kittykat83 kittykat83 7 years
Today we're cooking poultry. Hoorayyyy!!!
jadenirvana jadenirvana 7 years
What's French for "Bow Chick a Wow Wow?"
JohnW JohnW 7 years
It is a little known fact that Julia Childs briefly considered writing a Kama Sutra for poultry book.
c4rolin3 c4rolin3 7 years
yey! i won - first time ever! .... now to get thinking of one for this :)
shmoo15 shmoo15 7 years
Julia Child gives new meaning to the "chicken dance"
kcmosinki kcmosinki 7 years
Just 3 easy payments of $19.99 for your very own "Lean Turkey" exercise dvd, guarantees you won't gain a pound this Thanksgiving!
skigurl skigurl 7 years
So I'm hosting a cooking show...I know, it's no "Bridges of Madison County" but I'm 60 now...It's all I could get!
kismekate kismekate 7 years
Julia Child, your very own turkey personal trainer, will in fact get your turkey in shape for that Thanksgiving meal you've been waiting for all year!
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