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Caption It: Which Caption Should Win?

Thanks to all who found time during the busy holiday week to chip in captions for this week's challenge from Four Christmases:

Here are your finalists:

  • "Sometimes when I get nervous, I put my fingers in my armpits and sniff them like that. I was prepared to play Moses, not Joseph!"
  • Vince: "I will now play 'Silent Night' using only armpit farts!"
  • "Listen up Mary, we got 1 down to go with 4 seconds left so I need you to launch that baby as far as you can. You got that?!"
    "Yes. . ."
    "Everybody, can I get a 'Hail Mary'?!"
  • Vince (whiny voice): "I wanted to be baby Jesus!"

Time to vote!

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers

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