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Caption It: Which Caption Should Win?

The captions for this image from The Proposal were great!

As you know, there can only be one winner. Here are the finalists:

  • "Pull on these to inflate flotation device."
  • "Seriously? This is appropriate in St. Olaf?"
  • "You know how people say less is more? This is one of those times where those people are liars."
  • "Oh, if you weren't THE Betty White. . . ."

Ready? Time to vote!

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Retro23 Retro23 8 years
Yeah, I like the ACTUAL quote during this scene way more. "It's like an easter egg hunt!"
c4rolin3 c4rolin3 8 years
i don't really agree with the final caption choices.... i thought there were better suggestions and don't really like any of these?! i sound so grumpy but true!!
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