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Cashmere Mafia Recap: Episode 4, "The Deciders"

Cashmere Mafia Rundown: Episode 4, "The Deciders"

OK, Cashmere Mafia, you got me. This week's fourth episode was pretty fun to watch — mostly thanks to Caitlin, who gets all the best lines. Mia, not so much; the show is supposedly built around Lucy Liu's character, but I find her stories dull. Juliet and Zoe got some good stuff last night, though, so that helped fill the giant void that Mia has become for me. Read on for my thoughts:

  • I continue to be amazed/impressed/intrigued by Caitlin's blase attitude about discovering she might be gay. I'm not sure how believable it is, but I did get a kick out of her proclamation that her lesbian relationship has lasted "twice as long as the last five guys and 29 days longer than Tae Bo, cognitive therapy, and carb-busters."
  • Zoe and Juliet are the only characters who seem to be getting equal screen time on both their home and their work stories. That's a good and a bad thing: I like Zoe's work stories much more than her home stories, and I feel exactly the opposite about Juliet. Her suspicion of Davis is much more interesting to me than her failure to properly send a group e-mail.
  • Speaking of which, these women don't particularly strike me as tech-savvy. Still, I do like a good automated phone system joke. "I think you said Lake Placid." "Screw you." "I think you said . . . "

Now, for more on what actually happened (spoilers included), just


  • We learned, I think for the first time, that Zoe's last name is Burden. Man, I hate "clever" character names.
  • That said, I do like the focus on the conflict between her job and her family, even if the family parts seem tied up a little too neatly. Between getting to play laser tag in this episode and hiring the tour bus for the field trip a few weeks back, she really does seem to be Supermom every time. The office angle has a lot more drama, though. We get to see Zoe be brilliant, and we get to see her screw up (on a speakerphone, no less), and we get to see her deal with feeling pushed out by her coworkers. She's the only character whose story comes close to what I thought the show was going to be.

  • Juliet's work stories, on the other hand, leave something to be desired — but to my surprise, I actually like what's going on with Davis. He's not just a playboy; he's a playboy with money issues who's been using their fortune to cover his butt. I'm still seeing quite a bit of Bree Hodge in Juliet, especially that "No, please stay! I brought braised short ribs and roasted beets!" line. But the ruthless way she kicked Davis out was the most sizzle we've seen from her yet. "We've been posing for years." Nice.
  • While it was nice to see Jack back in the picture last night, I didn't love Mia's story with the brain surgeon. I shared Mia's confusion, actually: Did the guy like her? Was he just appeasing his parents? I don't know that there was enough chemistry between them at the brunch to make Jack jealous, though I did like the surgeon's pointed remark that he asked her out when he learned about her promotion. Take that, Jack.
  • Unrelated: Just looking at Mia's earrings gave me a headache.
  • Meanwhile, Caitlin at the lesbian shower was the night's comic relief, but she's actually going to have an interesting choice to make. I loved her babbling in the bathroom ("I get a spray-on tan") more than anything else in the episode.
  • What did you think? Is there any chemistry whatsoever between Caitlin and Alicia? Do any of the characters stand out to you? And if there were more things on TV right now, do you think you'd be watching?

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Join The Conversation
norisa norisa 9 years
This is soooo not Sex and the City!!! High-end Fashion does not equel SATC! These women on the show are nothing more than cougars!! YES! Cougars!! Male-Ball nipping cougars!! HATE THIS SHOW!!! I am waiting anxiously for Sex and the City movie.
blueberryKat blueberryKat 9 years
well, when you look back at the first season or two of SATC - they weren't that good at all. I think this show has potential. We should give it some time...
pargie pargie 9 years
Yes, brain surgeon was so fine! I loved the episode too, keeps getting better.
mamaseacat mamaseacat 9 years
I was hoping that this show was going to be really good but I am bored with it. Zoe is the only one who, I think, can act and be convincing. I love Lucy Liu but Mia is boring me. I want her to get back together with Jack because they have chemistry and unfortunately (sorry, ladies) the surgeon guy is boring, too. I see no sparks whatsoever between Mia and the Dr. I'm tired of Juliet and Davis. She's frigid and it's no wonder he is straying. As for Caitlin, I am liking her more and more, however I don't see any chemistry between her and Alicia (and Alicia can't act either.)
Elsa2 Elsa2 9 years
I actually like this show. And I agree with all of you : the brain surgeon was hot !!! Elizabelle, each time I see Zoe, I think of A.I. ! I almost forgot about Mansfield Park.
longhorn_sugar longhorn_sugar 9 years
that brain surgeon was one smoooooth operator (please tell me you get the joke). hottie!
elizabelle elizabelle 9 years
Buzz, I agree. finally an episode I enjoyed. But I still can't look at Zoe without thinking of Mansfield Park. brain surgeon = yummy.
juiceejuice juiceejuice 9 years
the brain surgeon is hot! i want him and mia together.
Francesca-Fiore Francesca-Fiore 9 years
I'm having a hard time hanging in there with this show. I'm just not in love with it. But you know who I am in love with? That brain surgeon. Damn.
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 9 years
I'm starting to like this show more and more. But I think Miranda Otto is slightly over-acting her character (Juliet). I see the Bree Hodges similarities but no one can do bitter, scorned, ruthless redhead like Marcia Cross! And Mia needs to date the brain surgeon....hotttttt!
uptown_girl uptown_girl 9 years
I am liking Caitlen more when she is straight. I am just not feeling the gay thing for her. She used to bore me the most. Now it's Mia, (I agree), who's story line was boring. But I do agree the brain surgeon is HOT!
haze1nut haze1nut 9 years
i don't get why you don't like Mia, she is interesting and beautiful to me. and i totally get thing about asian parents setting up dates and i loved that brain surgeon, he was really super hot! I mean, brain surgeon AND HOT?!? jesus, my tv was smoking. i was actually really delighted to see Mia and that brain surgeon hit it off. i love zoe the other two are okay. but mia and zoe are my fave :)
ana-isabel ana-isabel 9 years
I hated her earrings too. What is it with her and wearing huge earrings.
~*~bcb~*~ ~*~bcb~*~ 9 years
I absolutely LOVED last night's episode...cant wait until next week but b/c of the strike there are only 2 episodes left that have been written and 0 Grey's Anatomy new episodes...I think I am going to die!!!
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
the show is getting better - i think that it's all about character development. i wonder though how it's going to do in 2 weeks when LJ debuts - they are promoting it really hard these days. as for the plot lines - go juliet - i'm very proud of her!
indielove indielove 9 years
This show is so completely taxing on my brain...because I'm simply bored with the entire storyline. SNORE!!! Not nearly as good as Sex and The City. They're even making Big Shots look good.
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