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Cashmere Mafia Recap: Episode 5, "Stay With Me"

Cashmere Mafia Rundown: Episode 5, "Stay With Me"

"Stay With Me" seems like a particularly apt title for this episode of Cashmere Mafia. With only two episodes to go before the end of this little mini-season, I'm willing to ride it out — but I'm also not sure I would be heartbroken if I never saw it again once these episodes are done.

That said, there are a few things that have kept me going week to week: Juliet's frosty kiss-off of Davis, Caitlin's goofy sexual confusion, and Mia's bizarre styling choices among them. Luckily, all three of those things factored heavily into this week's episode. I'll go character-by-character after the jump, so


  • Zoe — I wish things would stop working out quite so well for Zoe. It's making it hard for me to get invested in her stories, even this week's with her work husband coming to town. Of course, they had to go close a deal on the night of her 10th wedding anniversary; of course, she got a little flustered about being in a hotel with her work hubby instead of her real hubby; and, of course, she and her real husband ended up caught in a crazy multi-city caper trying to be together before finally falling into each other's arms in the end. It's not that I'm wishing tragedy and heartache on poor Zoe, but I need a little something to keep me interested. At least discovering her friend making out with her manny added a little bit of drama. Speaking of which . . .
  • Mia — Mia's hair in this episode was a little, um, sculptural for my tastes. Regardless, she had her choice of men this time around: the smart, hot, but way intense brain surgeon, and Zoe's young, cute, and carefree manny. As of now, it seems like the manny wins, given that they sucked face so much in Zoe's foyer that her mouth looked like she'd just made out with Bozo the Clown.
  • Caitlin — Oh, Caitlin. First, she discovers she might be a lesbian. Then, she discovers that her lesbian girlfriend is pregnant. Then, she makes out with a hot, semi-famous playwright where her pregnant lesbian girlfriend might see her. We've gotten hints before that Caitlin is utterly incompetent when it comes to relationships, but this really takes the cake. Granted, I can understand her not knowing how to deal with Alicia's pregnancy; she definitely didn't sign on for that. And I did like the scene of her taking solace in her friends. Caitlin's not as calculating as the others, and she makes her emotions clear.
  • Juliet — I'll be honest: I don't understand what's going on with Juliet and Davis. Why didn't she hire a divorce attorney long ago? Why did she let him get the upper hand again? That said, I did appreciate some of the revelations about Juliet in this episode: first, even though she's a COO, she doesn't have any control over her personal finances, and second, she was once a rebellious wild child. I'm not sure I buy that her daughter's going to be headed to public school now, but it's better than sending her away to boarding school at a place called Shelter Rock. I actually wouldn't mind seeing more scenes with Juliet and her daughter; she's far from the Saint Mommy they've made Zoe out to be.

Your thoughts? Should Mia make a beeline for the manny? Should Caitlin drop Alicia? And was anyone else put off by the "cunning linguist" joke? I'm no prude, but ew!

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Join The Conversation
Arias101 Arias101 9 years
saint mommy lol
Green Green 9 years
wow I just watched an episode from ABC and I got through the first segment and thought it was horrible.
Green Green 9 years
i haven't seen it yet but I'm not hearing good things.
shanimalcracker shanimalcracker 9 years
I still love this show even if things seem a bit contrived.
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
alison & silly - I was gonna say the same thing! I'm suprised they recycled something that old.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
it's hard with this show. ireally want to like it and i'm still not sure. i've watched all the episodes - and tried to get into it - but watching just ONE of lipstick jungle last night and i was hooked - it was just BETTER..... cashmere mafia will still be on my dvr list and i'll watch it - but i just don't know...
animatedpunk animatedpunk 9 years
First of all, I'm getting pretty attached to this show, and I'll be sad if it ends after this season =( Ok, now my comments... Ughhhhhhhh, if a GIRL started dating a GUY and then told HIM that she was pregnant, he'd probably run for the hills. You just don't DO that to a person, especially not in a brand new relationship. That's a lot of pressure on someone you've just started dating. You can't hide a pregnancy, and the longer you hide it the more complicated it is. Alicia had no right to keep that information from Caitlin for so long - ESPECIALLY knowing that this is a completely new and scary experience for Caitlin. The girl is nervous enough as it is! As you can see, I'm not a fan of Alicia... AND I think Caitlin's chemistry with the playwright is SOOOO much better. I must admit I'm kinda rooting for that pairing. They worked well together... Good chemistry. And, wasn't that manny in an episode of 30 Rock trying to make a move on Tina Fey??? He sure likes the older ladies... haha ;) And, last but DEFINITELY not least......... i LOVE LOVE LOVE Zoe and her husband. Actually, I just love her husband. I'll be sad if something goes wrong with them... It keeps me interested to see at least ONE happy (albeit with problems) relationship. But anyways, I enjoy this show =)
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i don't really care for any of them. what is with juliet's look generally? she always looks like she's been put together for a magazine cover. the 80s style earrings on everyone?! eww. i'm really just kinda bored with this show. sad.
mandatedfun mandatedfun 9 years
i second that - i'm curious to see how lipstick jungle turns out (btw - did anyone else see andrew mccarthy in the preview!?). i'm only watching cashmere now b/c the options are so limited. on the plus side at least the guys they're casting are very attractive! ;)
Leilanic1 Leilanic1 9 years
i agree about the caitlin/lesbian seems forced. at least in SaTC with Samantha you could see how she would experiment since she was so incredibly sexual..but that was what five seasons into getting to know her character??? With the Caitlin story we are automatically supposed to see her as the total hedonistic, commitmitphobe, sexual experimenter.(please excuse run on sentence and spelling). As for the Zoe storyline not too into it either. Juliets confused me too. I thought that Davis wanted to work things out and yet she was secretly having Zoe check their finances, etc. and discuss a lawyer then low and behold Davis already got a lawyer. weird. I'm interested to see how Lipstick Jungle is.
sillysugar sillysugar 9 years
alisonanne- thats EXACTLY what i said when i saw the picture! haha
alisonanne alisonanne 9 years
That's the poncho from The Devil Wears Prada!
lily8206 lily8206 9 years
I've only seen the last few episodes, so I'm not totally caught up on everything that happened in the beginning... But I'm not buying the whole Caitlin being a lesbian thing. How she behaves with Alicia seems way more forced to me then how she was during her hot hetero dinner hookup! I don't feel as though this is a case of bad acting either... I think it's the character. I don't care which direction they have her go; I just hope she acts with conviction when she finally figures it out. I couldn't agree more about Mia's hair. It was too much. Loved the Manny hook up and thought it was so funny how they had her lipstick smear all over her face so much. I think it's the perfect kind of guy for her to meet to help her get over her ex. Juliet - I was confused when they showed her meeting up with Davis at the beginning and they were talking about how they were living apart. I got the impression from the episode prior that his latest affair, like the others, was going to be dealt with personally then pushed aside. He seemed like he didn't want to lose her etc. Maybe I missed an episode in between. I dunno.
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