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Cashmere Mafia Recap: Episode 6, "Yours, Mine, and Hers"

Cashmere Mafia Rundown: Episode 6, "Yours, Mine, and Hers"

Leave it to Cashmere Mafia to usher in Valentine's Day with a hearty helping of heartbreak. It's not like every relationship ended in tatters, but the episode wasn't a great advertisement for swooning, head-over-heels love, either. Unless, of course, we're talking about the love you share with your best girlfriends while devouring a box of chocolates. I'll go character-by-character after the jump, so just


  • Mia — Wow, Mia actually had a lot going on this time, not the least of which was her Jack flashback ("Jackback!"). Now only is he now a rival publisher, but his new anchorwoman girlfriend is blatantly wearing Mia's favorite scarf on the air, which I gather is something akin to war in these circles. I figured the sex tape would turn into some big scandal with the tape ending up in the hands of a particularly intrepid TV reporter, so I was pleasantly surprised Cashmere took a different path, having Mia find not only the sex tape but also a sweet video of some of her happier moments with Jack. I've never believed Jack as ruthless and cold (Tom Everett Scott's just not the type), but Mia certainly seemed surprised to see a sweet side of him. I think she really might be over him now, though; he is a little needy. Also, do scarves actually go through shredders?
  • Caitlin — Well, she's a mess, as usual. But it's not entirely her fault this time. The pregnant lesbian girlfriend situation wasn't great to begin with, but now the ex is back in the picture as well — and is giving Caitlin guff for her confused sexuality? Come on, now, give the poor girl some time to deal. It's sad that Alicia kept her in the picture long enough for her to get attached to being a mommy (er, at least the part of being a mommy that involves buying cute toys and shmoopy photo albums), but that whole situation was so darn weird, I think she's better off away from it.

  • Juliet — For all her craftiness and calculations, Juliet just can't win with Davis. First of all: manimony? It doesn't seem like Davis is doing too poorly for himself; if those nice suits and fancy cars are what "holding back your career" looks like, then I'd like some of that, please. Second: He has a heart attack while banging another woman, and his wife rushes to his side — only to be accused of extortion when the heart attack turns out to be just a panic attack? That's cold, especially considering that was maybe the one sweet and honest thing Juliet has ever done for him. Luckily, revenge is Juliet's specialty.
  • Zoe — This was another story that went in a somewhat unexpected direction. I still love that we actually see Zoe's work life, and frankly, if all the plots were focused the way hers is, I'd probably like the show a lot more. Last week I made a plea for things to stop working out so perfectly for her, and this time, she did have something of a miserable ending — but not because of her kids or her family commitments or her own poor decisions. As soon as she started making friends with her client's wife, I was sure the story would end with her confessing her client's dalliances and then being fired for losing the deal. Nope, Zoe handed over her dignity for the sake of the deal — and then still got passed over for a promotion. Good for her for quitting. Now, how will she adjust to being a mom?

Only one more episode to go, and with the show's mediocre ratings, I'd say there's not a great chance for renewal — though anything can happen. But say next week is the end of Cashmere. How would you want it to wrap up?

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