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Cashmere Mafia Vs. Lipstick Jungle: An Update

Remember back at the Upfronts when we were buzzing about whether Lipstick Jungle or Cashmere Mafia would be the reigning sexy-women-in-the-city show of the TV season?

Yeah, still waiting.

For a while, it looked like Cashmere was the winner, nabbing a November premiere date from ABC while Lipstick stayed in scheduling limbo. But then the writers' strike came along and ABC yanked Cashmere off the schedule. (It should have premiered two days ago.)

That opened the door for Lipstick to get some buzz back, starting with last night's Rockefeller Center tree lighting, when stars Brooke Shields, Kim Raver, and Lindsay Price announced their show will premiere Feb. 7 at 10 p.m. It will take over for ER, which will have run out of new episodes by then because of the strike, and will be up against whatever replacements the other networks find for Big Shots and Without a Trace.

My suggestion? ABC should put Cashmere up against it. Granted, I haven't seen either pilot, but Cashmere looks young and fun, and it would be a great match with Grey's Anatomy whenever the strike ends. And besides, I'm guessing most people will only watch one or the other of these shows anyway. Might as well just make them duke it out directly.

Photos courtesy of NBC and copyright 2007 ABC, Inc.

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rubiene rubiene 9 years
lipstick will run for 13 complete episodes as of feb.24 2008
MichelleRP MichelleRP 9 years
I've watched both shows. Cashmere Mafia, hands down no contest. Better: cast chemistry, clothes, storylines, tempo, writing and acting. Cuter guys. Snappier dialogue. Lipstick Jungle is a pale and boring copy of Cashmere Mafia. Just doesn't have the same "zip". Cringed at some of the god-awful lines those women tried to deliver with straight faces. I don't know any of the people involved with either production. I'm just a regular viewer, and I'm telling you, me and my girlfriends agree, Lipstick Jungle was BO-ring! Cashmere Mafia brings the goods.
Ms-Lisa Ms-Lisa 9 years
These shows look almost identical...still I think I'm going to check out lipstick Jungle!
PalomaMia PalomaMia 9 years
Just saw LJ and CM is TOAST! JP has a wittier script, superior acting, and steamier scenes. More closeups of great clothes and shoes!! You get to like the characters and their sig others faster. I don't like Brook either but she is different here, more mature and not annoying like usual. This is the show to watch (female version of Big Shots!)
rubiene rubiene 9 years
for what i read...from several writers who have seen voth cashnere and lipstick...lipstick seems to have it all. three friends are believable, the lines spoken in the show are more truthful and Candace BUSHNELL who wrote the ORIGINAL SEX AND THE CITY BOOK did SAME LIPSTICK JUNGLE who has more of a depth in retilang female bonding and friendship in relation to business issues, family, friends and relationship. seeing cashmere i find it too over the top relationship bet. friends and their actions. where i like to keep my feet on ground. i love the sex and the city bec. it balance what's real or not. well ofcourse you can't help but liking the fantasy of it too the shoes, dresses and so on. definitely will be more in tune in LIPSTICK JUNGLE where it reflects real womens situation.
PenguinGurl23 PenguinGurl23 9 years
Definitely Cashmere Mafia > Lipstick Jungle.
tinstar03 tinstar03 9 years
This is the dumbest thing ever. It was funny years ago when it was called "Golden Girls."
terrywagner123 terrywagner123 9 years
I'm tired of of all these show's period, most of the time I won't even watch tv, I'll read, can't they come up with some good ideas, rather than well dressed women who are cutthroat and slutty. I mean really, what kind of ideals are our kids imitating, being rich and powerful is one thing, being mean and cruel with low morals is a whole nother ballgame.
Hautie Hautie 9 years
I feel totally opposite. I am looking forward to Lipstick Jungle and could careless about Cashmere Mafia. First off... What I have trouble believing is that any self respecting NYC girl would be caught dead wearing a style created 10 years ago on Sex in the City. Even Carrie Bradshaw looks ridiculous in those clothes now. Ugh... that whole trashy hooker thing is so played out. Move on. Get a new stylist with a fresh thought... The stills I have seen of Lipstick Jungle... at least I can believe the style of clothes the girls are wearing are in sync with powerful smart women in present day NYC. I am all for having a personal style... but I am so sick of trashy looking outfits that are paired with 800.00 strapy heels and that somehow that equates good taste.
Cozy605a Cozy605a 9 years
Even thou the posters are similar, but Cashmere take the cake. It looks better.
Cozy605a Cozy605a 9 years
Have to say Cashmere Mafia looks way better. It has more interesting actors. I mean Lucy Liu alone is great. Lipstick mafia has lame actors. Broke, please never liked her. Plus, Cashmere Mafia sound way cooler then Lipstick Jungle (come one). its fucked up that he stole the idea but that their problem. He probably just thought he could do it way better and to me it looks like he was right.
princess_eab princess_eab 9 years
I just think it's insane that Candace's best friend and co-creator of Sex and the City secretly created a competing show with hers (his is Cashmere Mafia). I don't support his show for that reason. The NYT article on their relationship was really revealing and his behavior is pretty awful. He basically stole Lipstick Jungle (her book) and while her show was in production, he ignored her phone calls and created Cashmere Mafia on the sly.
lem0n_ lem0n_ 9 years
their posters kind of look similar but I'm willing to try both out
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
Cashmere Mafia looks better and it has more interesting actresses.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Looking forward to tuning into both shows, whenever that may be.
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