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Casting Suggestions For Zack Snyder's Superman Film Reboot

Buzz In: Who Should Play the New Superman?

Superman flies again! News of a film reboot has been floating for months with Zachary Levi's name attached to the caped crusader (a rumor that the actor later denied). But have no fear, because this movie is most certainly on. Warner Bros. has just tapped director Zack Snyder of 300 and Watchmen fame to helm the flick.

Now, the big question is who will play our leading man? You've already suggested someone with Clark Kent experience like Brandon Routh or Tom Welling, though I have to say I'd like to see someone new don the "S." Other men who immediately come to mind: Jon Hamm (his name has popped up more than once on various gossip sites) or Chris Pine. Who's your pick?

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