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What We're Most Excited to See in Catching Fire

Catching Fire, the intense second installment of the Hunger Games trilogy, hits theaters this week, and we can barely contain our excitement. Fans of the book will remember that Peeta and Katniss are back in the arena for the Quarter Quell, and this time around, the Hunger Games are more dangerous than ever. Every tribute has already won a previous Hunger Games, meaning they've all killed before and are prepared to kill again. On top of the participants, the arena is filled with terrifying and treacherous dangers every step of the way. We're looking at the most gut-wrenching parts of the book and why we can't wait to see them come to life. But for those who haven't read the book, beware: some of the spoilers ahead may not be in your favor.

That Awful Moment Where Katniss Gets Chosen Again

For the celebrated benchmark of the Quarter Quell, the tributes for each district are selected from the existing pool of victors. This is bad news for District 12, since it means that Katniss absolutely has to go into the arena again. For the men, it's either Peeta or Haymitch. We can already tell it's going to be a tough scene to watch.

More Fiery Fashion From Cinna

The only thing better than Lenny Kravitz as Cinna is the amazing clothing Cinna makes. There are going to be so many outfits, between all the stops on the victory tour and the preparation for the Quarter Quell. It's going to be dazzling. But that will the last positive thing that happens for Cinna; this is the book in which he gets beaten and dragged away by peacekeepers after seeing Katniss off.

The Mockingjay Wedding Dress

Speaking of Cinna, during her interviews, Katniss wears the wedding dress for her nuptials with Peeta, except Cinna has added a little flair of his own. Katniss literally flips the bird to President Snow when she spins and the dress burns up, revealing the symbol of the revolution, the Mockingjay, underneath. Don't forget that in the novel, Peeta tells everyone Katniss is pregnant, and all the tributes join hands as a signal of rebellion. It's going to be incredibly emotional and moving, to say the least.

A Different Effie Trinket

This time around, Effie doesn't seem so enthusiastic about the Hunger Games. She's grown to care deeply for Peeta and Katniss and doesn't want to send them back into the arena. And don't forget: Effie's supposed to get arrested at the end of this installment, so it's going to really shift the context of her character.

The Flirtatious Finnick Odair

In the book, Finnick is incredibly handsome and charismatic. One might recall that in the scene we first meet him, he's almost completely naked and flirting up a storm with Katniss. Finnick also proves to be an incredible ally to Katniss in the arena and, eventually, a crucial component of the rebellion. That being said, we're really more excited for all the gratuitous body shots.

Check out the rest of the moments we're holding our breath for when you read on.

The Other Victors, Including the Antagonizing Johanna Mason . . .

Without spoiling too much, Johanna plays a pretty integral part in the second and third parts of the series. She won her year of the Hunger Games by pretending she was weak until there was a small crop of victors left and then ruthlessly killing anyone that was still alive. She's incredibly clever and completely vicious, and she's also a nemesis to Katniss; when they first meet after the tribute parade, she takes off her entire costume in the elevator just to make Katniss uncomfortable.

. . . and the Animalistic Enobaria

Enobaria won her Hunger Games by ripping her opponent's throat out with her teeth. Wow, graphic much? That's the reason she's turned her teeth into razor-sharp weapons of mass destruction. She's a Career Tribute, and she makes an alliance with the other Careers once in the arena.

The Intricate Clock Arena

How incredible did this arena sound when you first read about it? The Cornucopia is a whole feat in itself, with the deep, blue water and the sandy spokes leading to the center. The dense, surrounding forest is filled with danger and demise, constantly forcing the tributes back to the sandy beaches. We haven't seen the lightning blast sector, the blood rain, the flesh-eating insects, or the beast — which the tributes allude to but never see — in any of the trailers yet, but we do get a glimpse at a few other things.

The Killer Monkey Muttations

These nasty creatures, if you remember, are docile until someone triggers an attack, and Peeta does exactly that. There are scores and scores of them, and they have razor-sharp teeth. We know they cause a lot of trouble and inflict a lot of damage, so it's going to be an intense scene to watch.

The Giant Tidal Wave

No big deal — it's just a giant wall of salt water. The tidal wave is responsible for at least one tribute death in the book, and it's an integral part of the plan to destroy the arena at the end.

The Deadly, Horrifying Mist

Remember this stuff? It causes huge, painful blisters and attacks the nervous system, inflicting paralysis. And as luck would have it, Peeta, Katniss, Mags, and Finnick get trapped right in the middle. This scene has the tributes literally fighting for their lives and leads to at least one tragic death. The aftermath is just as bad. We're pretty sure we'll be gripping our armrests the whole time.

The Torturous Jabberjays

One of the more psychologically scarring aspects of the arena is the Jabberjays that have been programmed to sound like the tortured cries of the tributes' loved ones. Finnick and Katniss get trapped for an awful hour in this part of the forest, and they're forced to listen to the screams of Annie — Finnick's love and the victor of the 70th Hunger Games, who went insane after witnessing a beheading in the arena — and Prim, Katniss's sister, until it's over.

Who's excited?

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