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Ceremony Movie Review

3 Reasons to See Indie Comedy Ceremony

The indie film Ceremony, starring Michael Angarano as a lovelorn writer who tricks his best friend (Reece Thompson) into helping him crash the wedding of the woman he's in love with (Uma Thurman), expands its limited release today. While the film, the first feature from writer/director Max Winkler, has flown under the radar, I have a few reasons why it might deserve to be on your must-see list.

  • Because you love Wes Anderson. While it's not an Anderson film, Winkler's distinct voice has a clear influence from Anderson, particularly in the script and style. Along with Anderson, the movie is also reminiscent of Woody Allen's work. If you're a fan of Allen's lovably neurotic male characters who are also head over heels in love, then you'll be into Ceremony.
  • The ridiculously charming cast. Angarano and Thurman have believable chemistry as former lovers, but it's the friendship between Sam and his best friend Marshall (Thompson, best known for Rocket Science) that really stands out. The actors seem like old friends, nailing Winkler's funny dialogue in their scenes together. The supporting cast also includes two scene-stealers: Lee Pace is on point as Zoe's fiancé, a quirky British filmmaker who loves himself but loves Zoe more, and Jake Johnson as Zoe's drunkard brother.
  • If you're getting married. The movie has wedding inspiration for days, from its inclusion of the old-fashioned game paper chase as a group activity for guests, to the decor and fashion. The ceremony setting is a gorgeous outdoor venue with paper lanterns and round globe lights, while Thurman's hair and makeup are stunning. Likewise, the bridesmaids are outfitted in various shades of pink and red — even if you're not getting married, it's cinematic eye candy.
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