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Chace Crawford Arrested For Possession of Marijuana

Do Actors' Personal Lives Affect How You View Their Work?

Chace Crawford had a real-life OMG moment this week when he was arrested for possession of marijuana. The folks at the CW will undoubtedly be displeased with the actor's behavior, and it's going to be hard for me not to think about this goofy mug shot when the show returns in September — much like how the world poked a lot of fun at Shia LaBeouf after his Walgreens encounter back in 2007. (The hilarious mug shot may have had something to do with it).

The trouble making boys aren't the only ones who call unwanted attention to themselves. Just this week Katherine Heigl also continued to put her foot in her mouth, mentioned that she sometimes says stupid things to relate better to other people (whatever that means). Heigl has definitely lost some fans thanks to her various off set interviews, but where do you stand? Does the personal life of an actor affect how you view his or her work?

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