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Even Channing Tatum Gets Insecure

May 19 2014 - 7:11am

Side Effects and Magic Mike star Channing Tatum [1] may have publicly proven his dramatic chops in recent years, but today at the Cannes Film Festival, he admitted he felt like a failure as he started work on the set of his latest movie, Foxcatcher. "I think I came in with, like, a plan . . . 'First day, I'm on it!' After that first day, I felt like I ruined it. I felt like I didn't do anything right," he told an audience of reporters at a press conference for the film this morning. "And what I realized after it is that it wasn't like a bar that I was going to jump up and hit. I wasn't going to score any day. You just keep digging. You just keep trying to find the truth."

Tatum, Steve Carell [2], and Mark Ruffalo [3] will premiere the psychological thriller, directed by Moneyball's Bennett Miller, tonight during the festival. The film is based on the true story of two professional-wrestling brothers (Ruffalo and Tatum) and their benefactor, heir John du Pont (Carell). Carell wears facial prosthetics to better resemble the wealthy murderer in the film, and Tatum said preparing to play an Olympic wrestler required a transformation of its own. "We prepared pretty intensely. We wrestled for about five months — five to six months before — and I think Mark and I both have the cauliflower ear as take-home presents from it — and bad knees," he said. "So it was definitely something that kind of gets into your body and doesn't leave in a good way." He also said one of the keys to preparing for scenes, for him, was asking Miller to give him music to listen to before the cameras rolled.

Carell said his own transformation boiled down to something much more intuitive than calculated. "You can do all sorts of research and listening to someone's voice and trying to glean a sense of who they are," he said, "but I think ultimately, you forget about all of that as you start to shoot. And if you rehearse enough, it's inside of you as you're doing it."

Foxcatcher reviews [4] have been overwhelmingly positive since it screened this morning in Cannes, with critics lauding the trio's performances and its chilling true-life story. Stay tuned for more of our movie reviews, red carpet coverage, and interviews from the Cannes Film Festival in the days to come on POPSUGAR and POPSUGAR Now.

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