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Charlie Hunnam Christian Grey Differences

Fifty Shades Casting vs. the Book: How Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson Stack Up

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie has been cast, with Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson taking on the lead roles of lovers Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Fans of the book have been avidly speculating about who would be the best fit for the characters, most often citing their descriptions in the book. So how do Hunnam and Johnson compare to their characters on the page? Here's a breakdown:


In the book, Christian is 27; Hunnam is 33. Johnson is closer in age to her character: Anastasia is 21, and Johnson is 23.

Physical appearance

Christian is described as being tall and muscular and having copper hair and gray eyes. Hunnam is six foot one and certainly muscular (well-known to any Sons of Anarchy fan), but he has dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Anastasia Steele, on the other hand, is described as being pale with big blue eyes and brown hair. Johnson is normally blonde, but also has blue eyes. Anastasia is also known for being slender and pretty — but not too pretty.


Where they're from

Anastasia is from Washington, while Johnson was born in Austin, TX, and grew up in Aspen, CO. Hunnam diverges a bit from his character, since Christian is an American, born in Detroit, MI, and Hunnam is British.

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Amy14890090 Amy14890090 4 years
Okay I don't really care who you cast but I think to put the Fifty fans at ease you should really show pics of what each character looks like dressed as the part. On the other hand is it really to hard to read a damn book and see for your self that a character does not match the profile. (Muscular and slender) you really need to work on that guy, also his features are supposed to be chiseled this guy looks like he was hit with a chisel, SHAVE,hello! Okay and the girl um hair dye, pale I get we can work with that but this man really needs work to meet expectations. this man looks like a line backer for some B list football team you really expect the Fifty Fans to back HIM. show us what you see how is he Christian?
Kelly14861878 Kelly14861878 4 years
Ian somerhalder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Diannebrown90 Diannebrown90 4 years
Is that E.L. James person serious?? I read all 3 books and was a bit disappointed in the last book, she hurried the last few chapters and left people wanting more, then she is choosing these actors to play the part, first of all none of them fit the characters she describes in her books, second of all we would like the characters to be as steamy and hot as described. This actor is not clean shaved and looks a hot mess and I don't like that girl. I understand that you may not be able to step up to the pay of some of the other actors but if you want your movie to be a big hit then I suggest u do. Speaking of suggestion my Christian Grey would be Ryan Gosling, just saying..
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