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Charlie Hunnam Rumored For Fifty Shades of Grey

Charlie Hunnam May Be Considering Fifty Shades of Grey

Is Charlie Hunnam your ideal Christian Grey? The Sons of Anarchy star is the latest name to be rumored for the male lead in the upcoming adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, with Variety reporting that Hunnam passed on the role but is reconsidering, and will meet with studio executives. Meanwhile, model Cara Delevingne has reportedly auditioned for Anastasia Steele. We're taking any and all rumors with a grain of salt, however, these could be interesting choices for the steamy romance. I love Hunnam, though up until now I hadn't even thought of him for the role. Are you into it, or are you hoping they go with another option?

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Kate14797123 Kate14797123 3 years
Charlie Hunnam.....YES PLEASE
Monique14792507 Monique14792507 3 years
I really wish someone could explain to me why this is even being read - let alone being made into a movie. IT STARTED OUT AS CREEPY TWILIGHT FAN FICTION!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and Charlie Hunman is far too talented to stoop to this crap story.
Anna14791979 Anna14791979 3 years
How about not doing a movie about Fifty Shades of Grey? They are having a hard time finding the actors to play this characters, this just makes me think no actor/actress who cares for their career wants to be attach to this project. The best course of action is for them to cast unknown actors if they really want to continue with the project. The plot is cheesy, the characters are bland, the villains are incredible contrive. The book is great for a guilty pleasure but it should be kept a book.
Starstruck64 Starstruck64 3 years
I could see him, not her.
salvia salvia 3 years
This is just wrong.
Wendy14787593 Wendy14787593 3 years
Charlie Charlie charlie
Peachpies Peachpies 3 years
No and no. This is just another round of rumors. This happens at least once a week with new people. Charlie is not Christian Grey at all, and Cara is the complete opposite of Ana in every way. She didn't even audition for that part, the rumor is that she auditioned for a secondary role. She doesn't even fit the characters of Kate or Mia so I don't know who she could possibly play, but I don't want her in the film at all.
babieebooingaa babieebooingaa 3 years
Mandy2954803 Mandy2954803 3 years
Keep him. No to her.
Miranda-Jones Miranda-Jones 3 years
Keep him, loose her.
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 3 years
Wow, I would never have thought of Charlie for Christian in a million years. Interesting!
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