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Charlie Sheen Drama: Should Two and a Half Men Be Canceled For Good?

The drama of Charlie Sheen somehow continues to get more outrageous. His bad behavior has been making headlines recently, and now it has caused CBS to shut down production of Two and a Half Men for the rest of the season. But Sheen isn't taking the news quietly; he sat down with ABC's Andrea Canning to give her his reaction and declare that he intends to sue CBS for "tons" of money. In the interview, Sheen comes off as erratic, to say the least. He addresses being on drugs while referring to himself as "a rock star" and defending comments he made about series creator Chuck Lorre that have been interpreted as anti-Semitic.

In the wake of this mess, what I want to know is what you guys think should happen with Two and a Half Men. The long-running series, now in its ninth season, is still a highly rated hit, but many of you voted that you were over it months ago. So in the interest of Sheen's drama, let me know what your opinion is on its fate now — should the show go on or take the opportunity to go off the air for good?

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Rohit2713964 Rohit2713964 5 years
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kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
"I am on a drug, it's called Charlie Sheen." Hahahaha! I don't like the show and even before his most recent antics I have thought that Charlie Sheen is total douche, so I think cancelling the show is a great idea. From what I have seen of the show, he is the show so CBS would have a hard time replacing him.
Choco-cat Choco-cat 6 years
please please please let them cancel it or at least get rid of him!!
yolanda6 yolanda6 6 years
.The show is funny. I personally think CBS needs to call Charlie's bluff and hire another big name star to replace him. Replacements haven't hurt Idol and look at Grey's Anatomy: it's still a hit post Heigl, Isaiah , and the guy who played George.
stone_soup stone_soup 6 years
I think he needs to clean himself up first before doing anything. And yes the show is getting tiresome. It is funny but it isn't always awesome, so I say it's not worth keeping.
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 6 years
I think it's pretty rich (no pun intended) that he can go off about needing more money when he's spending it all on drugs and prostitutes. Honestly though, I just hope he gets the psychiatric help he clearly needs before it's too late.
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