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Charlie Sheen Interview Inspires Reader Commentary About Two and a Half Men Cancellation

Buzz Blabber: Charlie Sheen's Antics Threaten His TV Career

Charlie Sheen was at the center of a media frenzy this week, after the postponement of Two and a Half Men and Sheen's bizarre interviews put him smack in the spotlight. Check out what your fellow readers had to say about his behavior and its impact on the CBS show, plus more hot topics!

Charlie Sheen's bad behavior calls for the cancellation of Two and a Half Men

  • "I think he needs to clean himself up first before doing anything. And yes the show is getting tiresome. It is funny but it isn't always awesome, so I say it's not worth keeping." — stone_soup
  • "The show is funny. I personally think CBS needs to call Charlie's bluff and hire another big name star to replace him. Replacements haven't hurt Idol and look at Grey's Anatomy: it's still a hit post Heigl, Isaiah, and the guy who played George." — yolanda6
  • "Please please please let them cancel it or at least get rid of him!!" — Choco-cat

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The Dan-and-Blair relationship has breathed new life into Gossip Girl

  • "Lately I've been loving this show. I go through a love/hate relationship with GG, but lately its had my attention." — genesisrocks
  • "Six months ago I would have never expected the Dan and Blair storyline, or expected that I'm really rooting for them! I do wonder what is going to happen with Chuck and how Blair will react if he decides he wants her back. Also Serena's character has been nothing but annoying for the last season." — cheechee524
  • "I have never given up on Gossip Girl, but I do admit that least season and the first half of the current season left me feeling guilty. But the heavens have come and the writers succeeded in giving me something to root for. Amen. DAIR is truly amazing and I too squeaked at the kiss." — supertramp

Anne Hathaway and James Franco get mixed marks on Oscar hosting duties

  • "Anne put in a decent effort. James didn't seem to try at all. I think they bombed. Stop trying to reach a younger demographic and just get someone who knows how to entertain an audience. Billy Crystal and Kirk Douglas stole the show in their brief appearances." — KrisB
  • "I think we have to give Anne Hathaway credit for trying; she was definitely the livelier of the two hosts. James Franco just seemed stoned, however. I think I'm going to start a Facebook campaign to have Billy Crystal host next year. Who will join me? It certainly worked for Betty White and SNL." — larisa5656
  • "It wasn't great, but it wasn't a complete bomb either. Other than one-liners, James Franco was pretty terrible. Pretty sure he was stoned. Anne seemed genuinely excited to be hosting and to give it her all, so I appreciated that. I actually thought her little shout outs to Hugh Jackman were pretty funny. I wanted him to get on stage so badly!! I do think she was overcompensating for James' awkwardness though. I can't remember, but has Ellen hosted the Oscars before? I know she's done other shows. Either way, I agree . . . she's a great host. Get her or have Billy Crystal do it again next year." — redchick152
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