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Buzz Blabber: Chloe Moretz Can Carry Carrie

It was a big week for pop culture and from the looks of the comments, there was a lot to discuss. The season five premiere of Mad Men got everyone "Zou Bisou Bisou"-ing, Klaus's reemergence on The Vampire Diaries was exciting to fans, and the news that Chloe Moretz snagged the titular role in the remake of Carrie got everyone weighing in. See what you had to say below!

The casting for the new Carrie could work

  • "I'd definitely say Chloe Moretz has the chops for the role and will add the needed credibility for a very solid supporting cast. I think the deciding factor is how dark [Kim] Peirce and [Roberto] Aguirre-Sacasa are allowed to go with the story." — Greg2495317
  • "Although Sissy Spacek gave a truly great performance, I see no reason to believe Miss Moretz isn't capable of doing equally as well, at least. The kid (no disrespect intended, Ma'am) has got serious chops as an actress. I doubt anyone would make a shabby B-Movie with an actress of her prestige." —R.d.2495359
  • "In my opinion, Chloe will do a great job. She did wonders and scared the hell out of me in Let Me In . . . She may do as good or better as Sissy Spacek. And I agree that Sissy should play her mother . . . so that way we could all say that whatever happens . . . she got it from her mom." — Jennifer2496458

See what else got your feathers ruffled after the jump.

Mad Men is back and as controversial as ever

  • "I was most excited about seeing Don and Megan's apartment (that says something about the plot arc of this episode, too, if I'm more excited about decor than plotline). However, it's going to be really interesting to see how this season deals with civil rights issues — especially if they do hire a black secretary — and women's rights issues. A friend and I kept on wondering who was going to be the 'women's libber' in the cast. We're just crossing our fingers it's not Betty, since she's been so, so unlikeable in the past few seasons. I vote for Joan!" — Elka Karl
  • "Because who doesn't clean their house in black lingerie?! Haha, no seriously, it's so great to have the show back. I didn't realize how much I missed everyone!" — jadenirvana
  • "I was surprised not to see Betty in the premiere, but I thought it was good overall." — millarci

Klaus may be the main draw on The Vampire Diaries

  • "I've said it before and I'll say it again, Klaus is the only reason I watch TVD these days and if they somehow manage to kill him off then I won't even bother watching anymore . . . I am very impressed this season with how much new info and links the writers keep coming up with." — Crys-lautnrfan
  • "Much better than the last couple episodes! Still not back to season one quality, but maybe next episode? Elena and Damon's trip to Denver looks promising even though I'm an Elena/Stefan supporter. I'll take anything juicy at this point. Loved seeing Klaus. Still missing Elijah. Can't wait to see Tyler next week . . . I mean, in three weeks." — likethedirection
  • "Great episode . . . much better than the last two. The episodes featuring 'the originals' are some of my favorites." — Krista S.
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