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3 Concerns About the New Carrie Remake

A remake of the 1970s horror film Carrie is coming, with Chloe Moretz in the titular role of the tortured high schooler turned telekinetic teen. Even though I'm not a huge horror fan, I still consider Carrie to be a classic — and a movie that doesn't need any updating. Still, the reboot is on its way, and while I'm curious to see how it will translate 36 years later, I have some concerns — check them out below.

  1. The acting in the original will be hard to top. After impressing in films like Kick-Ass, we know that 15-year-old Moretz is certainly talented, but she's filling the shoes of Sissy Spacek, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role as Carrie. It takes a certain quality to take on a character like this, who's shy and withdrawn, and then suddenly psychotic. Can Moretz live up to Spacek's legacy?
  2. It might be silly now. Carrie is terrifying, but there are parts that now feel extremely campy. Carrie's classmates throw tampons at her, Carrie's mom calls her breasts "dirty pillows," and the possessed look on Carrie's face when she's at the prom all make up scenes that are unforgettable, but they're straight up goofy now. An update will need some serious revamping for those elements to not be laughable.
  3. It's already been revisited, and it wasn't good. There was a sequel of sorts in 1999, Carrie 2: The Rage, with new characters set in modern day, but it was a cheap knockoff of the original that just borrowed the concept of the gifted teenager. As far as the new remake goes, director Kimberly Peirce has a solid credit behind her (Boys Don't Cry), but it'll be hard to measure up to legendary director Brian De Palma, who's also responsible for iconic films like Scarface.
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R.d.2495359 R.d.2495359 5 years
HICK had just been a title on Wikipedia to me. Looking at it the trailer on You-Tube, it does look as if it might be rather crappy. If it comes to a theater I can get to conveniently, I'll check it out anyway. I've got TEXAS KILLING FIELDS on DVD, and thought that that was another good performance. Not a lot of lines, but effectively acted in a fairly decent movie. 500 DAYS OF SUMMER also got good reviews. I might end up buying that on DVD as well. I still wouldn't write off CARRIE or DARK SHADOWS, certainly not without seeing them.
David2495323 David2495323 5 years
@R.d.2495359 Chloe signed on to do Carrie because it's a starring role, hoping it would help her career. She should have waited for a better movie. This is going to bomb big time. As for signing on for something less than very good, Hick would be a very good example. With some notable exceptions like Hugo, Kick-Ass, and Let Me In, Chloe is a very good actress who has been talked into doing some really terrible movies, and they're all listed at
David2495323 David2495323 5 years
@Mary Ann2496668 Nope. Horror remakes don't normally generate Oscar nominations.
David2495323 David2495323 5 years
@R.d.2495359 Hate to disappoint you, but from what I've heard, Hick is indeed a shabby B-movie.
R.d.2495359 R.d.2495359 5 years
I'm basing my opinion that this won't be "Crap" on a number of things. First, I doubt that Chloe would be enthused about signing on to make a cheap re-make. I doubt that she would sign on for something less than very good. Also, Ms. Pierces' movie, BOYS DON'T CRY, got Hillary Swank an Oscar. Although I've lost track of her other work, I did see that movie in the theater, and was rooting and pulling for Miss Swank come Oscar time. Next: not all re-makes are cheesy, second rate, straight to video horse crap. I'll sight the Coen Brothers TRUE GRIT as a prime example. A good movie made even better the second time around. Special effects being what they are these days, I'd be surprized if this CARRIE weren't MUCH scarier than the first one. A last point: Chloe UNDERSTANDS  her audience. She should be able to contrast that "Sweet Kid sitting on a pic-nic table" with  a "Vicious Blood dripping monster", the way she did so well in LET ME IN. I'm hoping someone like Jodi Foster, Sissy Spacek or Kathy Bates being cast as the Crazy Mother would make this a five star production.  I agree with Ms. Vestals statement about horror movies, though. I'd rather see "Pretty and Smiling" than  " Hideous and Snarling"", any day.
Mary-Ann2496668 Mary-Ann2496668 5 years
I believe this will bring Chloe to the Oscars, age 16 next year.
Jennifer2496458 Jennifer2496458 5 years
In my opinion chloe will do a great job. she did wonders and scared the hell out of me in Let Me In. If she can play an innocent little girl one min. and changin her voice and eating people the next I think she will be increadible with Carrie. Hell for all we know she may do as good or better as Sissy Spacek. And I agree that Sissy should play her mother in a way that would be cool so that way we could all say that whatever happens with Carrie we could say she got it from her mom (lol). And as for Chloe being to pretty you never know what Hollywood can do for this young girl. Hell she's 14 and she looks 22! So yea if Hollywood can turn a 14 year old into a 22 year old you could only imagine how creepy they could make her.
Julianterris Julianterris 5 years
 @R.d.2495359 I could accrue more :P
Leonardo2495547 Leonardo2495547 5 years
Chloe is good not great, but good, and Kimberly Pierce has a solid body of work, so my expectation are above average.
R.d.2495359 R.d.2495359 5 years
 @Julian2495353  Jodi Foster OR (Tah-Dah!!) SISSY SPACEK as Crazy Mammy.
R.d.2495359 R.d.2495359 5 years
 @Julian2495353  Jodi Foster would be PERFECT!!
Julianterris Julianterris 5 years
1. If there's any young actress working today that can fill Carries gym shoes, It's Chloe Moretz -if you ask me she should already have received an Oscar nod for "Hugo" By way of illustration, -compare Anna Paquins Role in "The Piano" and Chloe's in "Hugo" -I think you'll find that she compares favourably -if we ignore the type of films they are (wildly different)... Does she have the range? Yes -and then some. Whether Moretz can live up to Spacek's legacy -will also depend largely on the director Kimberley Peirce (luckily -that seems covered) 2. I think that you have to factor in that there's still scope in the book -which by accounts -wasn't closely covered by the original screenplay. I don't know why the tampon scene would now be "campy"? did you mean "crampy" (I'm genuinely sorry about that -but it was too good to miss) Besides they could always opt for a period setting (if you'll pardon the pun) granted "dirty pillows" is decidedly dated (sorry) -but so was the idea -even then -that it illustrates -how her mothers religious repression has warped her psycho-sexually. -Still relevantly creepy -though there are many other ways to convey the same message. 3. It was revisited and un-watchable -agreed. "Cheap" "Knock-off" are the relevant words there -MGM's obviously committed to it financially this time -they probably over estimated the stories box office pull last time. Given Chloe Moretz' prodigious talent, the skill of Kimberley Peirce as a director, the scope of Stephen Kings original novel, and more honey and buzz that a hive -it has cash cow written all over it (Oh NO -I've mixed my metaphors!) -whether it can beat the original, will in my opinion down to the director. Will they have Jodie Foster? Will it be 3D? Who's on the soundtrack? IDK -but I'm going to buy a ticket :)
R.d.2495359 R.d.2495359 5 years
Although Sissy Spacek gave  a truly great performance, I see no reason to believe Miss Moretz isn't capable of doing equally as well, at least. The Kid (No disrespect intended, Ma'am) has got serious chops as an actress. I doubt anyone would make a shabby B-Movie with an actress of her prestige. My concern would be that she might just be too pretty. But those Hollywood make-up people can do wonders. I'm looking forward to HICK. And DARK SHADOWS. And the Beach Boy movie. And "Whatever".
Greg2495317 Greg2495317 5 years
 @David2495323  You do have to admit that the bullying moral of the movie is at least somewhat relevant today... There have been worse properties ravaged from their grave... My biggest fear is the screenplay is being written by a writer from Glee which is about as enjoyable as slow paced abortion.
Greg2495317 Greg2495317 5 years
I'd definitely say @chloegmoretz has the chops for the role and will add the needed credibility for a very solid supporting cast.  I think the deciding factor is how dark Peirce / Aguirre-Sacasa are allowed to go with the story.
David2495323 David2495323 5 years
I'm sure Chloe will make an excellent Carrie. But there is no way in hell this movie will be anywhere close to De Palma's original, so why remake it? Because studios love remakes, of course. It's all about the $.
Ronnie2495299 Ronnie2495299 5 years
Let's hope the school shower scene keeps faithful to the original ;)
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 5 years
I've never seen the original, but Moretz seems to have the chops to pull off a creepy character (especially after "Let Me In.")
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