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Christian Bale Newsies Video "The World Will Know"

Buzz Time Machine: Christian Bale Gets Musical in Newsies

Christian Bale has done some great work over the years — The Dark Knight, American Psycho, this week's The Fighter — so you might be surprised to find out what tops my list of films from his repertoire: the 1992 musical Newsies. Bale plays Jack, a newspaper boy with a thick New York accent (and a dashing neck scarf) who sings and dances. For this week's Buzz Time Machine, watch for yourself as Jack unionizes the newsboys to strike with "The World Will Know." Fist pump!

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redchick152 redchick152 6 years
omg. i watched this movie OVER AND OVER AND OVER when i was little. mostly b/c of all the hot guys singing and dancing (i was totally boy crazy when i was little!!). the songs....ahhh i still know all the songs by heart! its just classic disney. i'm totally watching it later today!! :) ps. i will probably have "I'm the king of New York" stuck in my head all freakin day. =/
graldi19 graldi19 6 years
emo_stacer emo_stacer 6 years
Disney at its best
isahrangme isahrangme 6 years
D: i just read that christian bale totally hates this movie! :[ i am so sad but he's still hot and i still love this movie hahaha
isahrangme isahrangme 6 years
i LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!! i would totally go watch a stage musical version~
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 6 years
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