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Buzz Blabber: The Jury Is Still Out on Dan vs. Chuck

Between season premieres and questionable casting news, there were quite a few topics on the community radar this week. Game of Thrones is officially back in action, and we're not the only ones who are stoked about its return. Meanwhile, the news that Ashton Kutcher will be playing Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic got you talking and the debate over who is the best match for Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf continued.

The Dan vs. Chuck battle rages on

  • "I like Dan, just not with Blair. Well, I like them as friends anyways. Chuck and Blair are on the same level. He's the king of the Upper East Side and she is the queen. They have been through so much together, yet still love one another. And the fact that people are saying Dan loves her for her . . . last time I checked so did Chuck." — Leah2521728
  • "Chuck and Blair. They're the pairing most have loved and watched. No one's watching Blair and Dan because we're all grossed out by them. We want the real couple." — bonnieleighc
  • "That can't even be a question. Lol. Dan loves her for who she is, knows more about her than Chuck ever will and doesn't treat her like property. That's real mature love and what Blair deserves." — PinkViolet

See what else was a hot topic after the jump.

Ashton Kutcher won the role of Steve Jobs, to mixed reviews

  • "Oh please let this be an April Fool's joke... Oh please, please, please! It sounds like an absolutely terrible idea." —campbrad
  • "I do not see this clown portraying Mr. Jobs. I think it would be better to put somebody relatively unknown." —robertomarquezm
  • "If I squint really hard . . . maybe!" — okiwa002

Games of Thrones is at the top of it's game

  • "It was awesome! Can't wait till next Sunday!" — Jennifer S.
  • "Great start to the new season. Love the way they stay true to the essence of the books yet make the show their own. Really wish True Blood could have been as smart." — Janet2373373
  • "What a great episode to introduce the second season. I'm a huge fan of the books and loved seeing a lot of this stuff come to light and I think they're introducing new story lines rather seamlessly. So glad they have already incorporated Grey Wind (and hopefully the other direwolves) more in this series. I'm also excited to see the Arya/Gendry storyline, she's such a tough cookie." — demarco11
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