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The award for rowdiest panel that I saw at Comic-Con went to the cast of Chuck. After teetering on the edge of cancellation, Josh Schwartz and his band of merry geeks/spies couldn't have been jollier about shooting the breeze with fans — and with each other. The panel started with a hilarious performance by Jeffster (watch the video after the jump!), and everyone was on their feet as Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky took on Queen's "Fat-Bottomed Girls." That was just the beginning, though, so read on for more Chuck goodies.

  • First of all, this was by far the most crowded panel I saw all weekend. The fact that the full cast was there in addition to Josh Schwartz and co-creator Chris Fedak really showed how much the actors care about the show and appreciate their fans. As Zach Levi put it, "We're here because of you guys. I felt cautiously optimistic, but when you have the best fans in the world who will go and eat multiple Subway sandwiches and start grassroots campaigns, and stay with you from thick and thin and believe in you as a cast and a crew . . . you guys are incredible, I love you so much. Thank you so much."
  • There was no shortage of name-calling, goofing around, and teasing on stage. You could tell that these guys are a family and enjoy each others' company. Adam Baldwin (Casey) seemed to be a common target and Schwartz even joked that with the new budget cuts, "we can only afford for Adam to grunt."
  • Schwartz hinted that something "emotional and traumatic" will have happened between Chuck and Sarah when the show returns. That's a tease if I ever heard one.
  • On the bright side, Schwartz also mentioned that the show might be returning sooner than originally planned (right now it's set to start after the Winter Olympics). Yay!

For more details on season three, just


  • Twist alert: There's a "glitch in the system" and apparently Chuck's new powers (like the newly named "chuck fu") aren't exactly permanent. When he flashes on something, he'll only have the power for a set period of time before losing it.
  • Now that he's in on the secret, Devon will find himself in the midst of the spy world a lot more. All together now: awesome.
  • Even though Chuck left the Buy More in the dust, the store will still be a part of the show.
  • Looks like we'll get more of Sarah's backstory, and even get to meet that sister she mentioned.


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