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Chuck Recap: Episode 10, "Chuck vs. The DeLorean"

Chuck Rundown: Episode 10, "Chuck vs. The DeLorean"

Ever since we got our first glimpse of young Sarah Walker (or, I guess, then young Jenny Burton) earlier in this season of Chuck, I've been curious to know more about what it was like to grow up in the shadow of a con man. Well, this episode takes care of that, as Sarah's dad shows up to run a heist and wreak havoc, just like the old days. Chuck gets thrust into the middle of it, of course, as Jack's visit brings some of his own daddy issues to the surface. Ready to chat about it? Just


First of all, young Sarah/Jenny/whatever is so adorable as a little con-child, throwing herself in front of an armored van so daddy can make away with the money and hightail it to the nearest ice cream parlor. To Chuck, Sarah's childhood is one full of wild and dashing adventures — though all the crimes and charges he saw when he flashed on Jack's scar should probably make him realize it wasn't all fun and games. But hey, at least she had a dad who loved her, right?

So now Jack's turned back up, and his latest heist is a biggie: He's "sold" a building in LA for millions to a sheik whom the government has had its eye on for a while. It's "his Mona Lisa," the perfect crime — except now Sarah, Casey, and Chuck are roped into it, and Sarah has to try to do her job while not revealing to her father that she works for the CIA. (Also: I think the funniest possible rebellion if your dad is a con man would be to go into law enforcement.) This leads to lots of tensely funny moments, like Chuck pretending to be the German-speaking faux businessman ("Lichtenstein!") and Casey working security as "Cop Face." But none of it would have worked had Jack not trusted Chuck with the $10 million — a very expensive bet that Chuck loves Sarah.

Meanwhile, Anna (she lives!) asks Morgan to move in, which Morgan treats like it's the absolute end of his wild bachelorhood (which, so far as we know, involves playing video games with Chuck and pining after Ellie, so . . . yeah). Awesome ponies up the money for the apartment, but Morgan has a pre-midlife crisis and buys a junky DeLorean instead. I love his DeMorgan plates — and the fact that it ends up factoring into the case, providing an escape vehicle, a way for Morgan to repay Awesome, and a stepping stone for Morgan into real adult life.

Some other thoughts:

  • I love Jack taking off after the heist with his laptop, money, and the cigar he'd just put in Casey's pocket. Between that and ripping off Chuck's ATM card, he's pretty good with the sneaking around.
  • Captain Morgan! Duh, obviously! Also, it's funny that Awesome's idea of punishment is plucking Morgan from head to toe.
  • The scenes of Chuck spying on Sarah on his own are hilarious. For all the advances he's made in his government work, he's just awful at being stealth on his own — especially considering that he didn't take off his GPS watch.
  • Casey: "Aw, that's sad. You've confused me with someone who cares about your life before the Intersect."
  • Also, Casey has a heart, suggesting that Jack should do less prison time for being helpful with the mission.
  • So, Chuck's dad was an engineer. Does anyone else think he might turn out to be a spy/con man of some sort himself?

Kind of a downbeat episode overall, but this show has really been rocking the weighty, emotional stories this year. And next week, it's a very Chuck-y Christmas! What did you all make of this visit from Sarah's dad?

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snowbunny11 snowbunny11 8 years
This show has gotten so good this season. I actually hated the first couple episodes, stopped watching, and then picked it up again around the 5th episode and I love it! Pumachik- Casting Buster Bluth was genius. Don't get me wrong, I love 30 Rock, but casting Oprah and Jennifer Aniston was a fail. Casting someone like Buster Bluth is genius!
dcspas480 dcspas480 8 years
I LUVED this episode and wanted to see more of the young Sarah and the relationship with her dad. Gary Cole was fabulous, the little girl was absolutely adorable and looked just like the older Sarah Walker (minus the higschool episode!) Can't wait for Monday nights!
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 8 years
@ fireyelectra: good call. that would explain why bryce sent chuck the intersect... because frankly, WHY CHUCK of all people? and yes, more buster bluth = the addition of him to buymore just makes me happy all around. :D
Phil Phil 8 years
This show has been on a roll this season! They're really pouring on the geek with the DeLorian and the Missile Command/Rush sync, the only thing they need to do is concentrate more on Casey. Adam Baldwin already elevates this show with his presence, they need to utilize him and add complexity to his character. One of the best Firefly episodes was when we got strong back story on Jayne in "Jaynestown." Finding out about Casey's martial arts training was nice, but added minimal dimension to the character. It's a crime we know more as much about Jeff in two seasons than we do Casey! Ah, and more Buster Bluth.
spacebear spacebear 8 years
cop face!!!
JessNess JessNess 8 years
nonmr- I wondered the same thing but I also am wondering since in the last episode he was screwed over by someone he respected and was close too maybe he understand what Sarah is going through. If it means anything he still is heartless towards Chuck's issues :)
nonmr nonmr 8 years
Raves: - Loved Gary Cole! He was perfect for the role. - Anna Wu. Finally, I got to see her after a few absences. - Chuck's stalking antics. It was funny 'coz he was a little obvious about it but a little creepy. - Casey softening up. Cop Face! - The DeLorean and the General Lee in one episode. What are the odds? - The younger version of Sarah really looks like the present Sarah but I just don't get the awkward stage/highschooler Sarah. Was it that awkward for her? Rants: - Well, not really a rant--Is Casey/Cop Face finally softening up? I loved the heartless Cop Face full of sarcastic remarks so it's weird for me to see Casey softening up bit by bit =)
Allyace Allyace 8 years
fireyelectra -- that was my thought! As soon as I read engineer...I thought OMG, Chuck's dad made the intersect! I cracked up everytime someone said "Copface". So perfect for Casey :).
Jammi Jammi 8 years
lol, Nita, don't you remember your highschool years? You go from cute and cuddly to praying mantis in a matter of moments. Usually, Hopefully, you outgrow it by grade 11/12 though, lol.
fireyelectra fireyelectra 8 years
My new theory for Chuck's dad: a computer engineer who actually left his family because he was recruited to create the Intersect and had to be sequestered for being privvy to so much government information.
Nitachequita Nitachequita 8 years
I loved the ep. Loved more of Casey as a softie. Love Gary Cole. Loved how Chuck put his jacket around Sarah at the end of the ep, just like her Dad did early on in the ep. A little confused to how that cute little girl became the gawky zit-faced high-schooler (from the reunion episode). :-D
JessNess JessNess 8 years
I had the exact same thought about Chucks dad. To work as an engineer and then just leave and eventually stop writing altogether- Chucks dad definitely has some sort of government involvement. Also the fact that they keep bringing his dad up means that he will be in an episode soon. Cant wait!! I LOVE Gary Cole. He was so perfect in this role. I love how Casey grunts at everything specially the Cop Face remark. I didn't think this episode was as full of the funny as others but it was still really good
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