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Chuck Recap: Episode 14, "Chuck Vs. The Best Friend"

Chuck Rundown: Episode 14, "Chuck vs. the Best Friend"

Ever since Chuck first started, I've been wondering what would happen if Morgan joined Chuck on a mission. Well, this week, it sort of happened. Morgan had a spy caper of his own to carry out, tracking Anna (Anna!!) with her new boyfriend — who then ended up playing a part in Chuck, Sarah, and Casey's real mission. What's a best friend to do? Meanwhile, we meet the most awesome wedding band of all time: Jeffster! To chat about it, just


I'm always impressed when Chuck finds a way to bring both the emotion and the funny, and this episode's among the best for it. Chuck's secret spy life has put his friends and family in danger before — most recently at Christmas — but this mission jeopardized Chuck's friendship with Morgan in a whole new way. "You want me to befriend my best friend's ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend?" he gulps at one point. It would have been bad enough for Chuck just to hurt Morgan emotionally, by appearing to side with Anna or even be chatting up Jason — but then Chuck's job ends up putting Morgan in physical danger, too. It's an interesting spotlight not just on Morgan and Chuck's friendship (and the fact that Morgan wants Chuck to stop protecting him) but also on Chuck and Sarah's relationship. Sarah dons new aliases and moves from fake life to fake life. The entire idea of a best friend is foreign to her; she doesn't have anyone who cares for her the way Chuck cares for Morgan.

Except . . . she does. It's Chuck. And she cares for him like a best friend — if not more than that. Kudos to Yvonne Strahovski; that look on her face when she watches the Nerd Herder blow up (before she knows that Chuck isn't inside at all but rather is driving it to destruction with a remote control) shows so much pain.

Meanwhile: Jeffster! Of course, Jeff and Lester have a secret band; of course, Jeff sees a way to break into the big time by playing Ellie and Awesome's wedding. And he actually does a pretty good job of engineering the whole tryout, thanks to a lucky computer meltdown on Ellie's part. I loved Lester freaking out about the path he'll go down if the band experiences any success whatsoever (right up to his shameful accidental death), which also gives Jeff a good avenue to beg Awesome for a second chance. (Jeff: "Have you ever had a dream that's never come true?" Awesome: ". . . No.") And just tell me this: Has there ever been a more perfect use of Toto's "Africa"?

Some other thoughts:

  • Sarah's car fight is up there with the best fight scenes Chuck has ever done. It must have been tough to pull off all those moves in such close quarters, and it was cool to watch every part of the car (the seatbelt, a CD in the stereo) become a weapon.
  • This episode gives us some more details about the foundation of the Chuck/Morgan friendship and Chuck's mom's departure: She took off when Chuck was in fifth grade, and Morgan helped him through it with cherry cheesecake and Zelda.
  • I'm somehow not surprised that Jeff has a stockpile of spy gear. Also, so funny that not even the Buy More crew thinks Chuck has any spy potential.
  • The Morgan/Anna reconciliation cracked me up: "Anna Wu, I luh— I like you. Very, very much."
  • Even the General has a friend: Condoleeza Rice!

Did you correctly predict Jeffster's musical genre? Was it nice to have an episode that focused on the Chuck/Morgan bromance? And does John Casey have friends?

Photos courtesy of NBC

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