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Chuck Recap: Episode 15, "Chuck vs. The Beefcake"

Chuck Rundown: Episode 15, "Chuck vs. the Beefcake"

Oh man — and we thought Bryce Larkin was competition. On this week's episode of Chuck, we meet Cole, an undercover MI-6 agent who shows up right when Chuck is having some serious doubts about continuing his cover relationship with Sarah. Meanwhile, Big Mike and Morgan's mom are having no doubts whatsoever about the state of their new relationship, which drives Morgan to take shelter in the Bartowski house. This episode definitely sets some interesting things up for the rest of the season, so to chat about it, just


So, what do we make of Cole? My first reaction on this show is to never trust anybody — that's how they got us with Jill, after all. But we saw Sarah looking through his spy dossier, and it seemed sound. Well, more than sound — he's a super spy. And not surprisingly, Sarah (who has a real problem getting romantically involved with her work partners, it seems) finds that hot. I love how Cole is written as this dashing, sweep-you-off-your-feet romantic hero: He takes torture with barely a wince! He promises to whisk Sarah to safety with a cheesy "come with me if you want to live" line . . . until Casey shows up to snap us out of the spy version of Gone With the Wind! At first, Sarah's not buying it; she thinks his pickup lines are pathetic and just laughs when he talks about taking her to Fiji. But then they kiss, and there's something there, some kind of passion.

It's interesting timing, because Chuck has decided — partially at Ellie's urging to take control of his life — that it's time to end the "relationship" part of his cover relationship. This episode was originally supposed to air right after "Chuck vs. the Suburbs,", which would have made the timing of this revelation make more sense, but it still mostly works: If Sarah can protect Chuck just as well without pretending to be romantically involved, why should they drive each other crazy all day by bringing up feelings they know they can't act on? That all might have worked, at least for a little while, had two things not happened: One, Cole finds out Chuck's the Intersect; two, Cole gets captured. That means Chuck needs round-the-clock protection. So, not only are Sarah and Chuck not breaking up, they now have to move in together. Which puts a crimp in Chuck's plans to move in with Morgan, two buddies finally breaking free of their families. I wonder what will happen to Morgan now that he's out a roommate and has already worn out his welcome at Chez Bartowski. I guess back home with Mama and Big Mike? Poor guy. Maybe it's wishful thinking — and probably impossible because of the surveillance — but I'd love to see Chuck, Sarah, and Morgan get a place together.

Some other thoughts:

  • Jeff and Lester's "Buy More Girl" plot seems like an afterthought, and it took the show's "slobby men lusting after beautiful women" thing a bit far. But it did serve a purpose, plot-wise: When a cop-looking woman shows up looking for Chuck, nobody's surprised.
  • I'm pretty sure Chuck's "something really strong" at the bar is an appletini.
  • Hey, I was impressed that Chuck managed to kick in the door of Sarah's hotel room. He's not all wimp.
  • Good point from Alan Sepinwall: Do you think the writers titled this episode before they cast a guy whose last name is Cake to play Cole?
  • Little moments I loved: Sarah perfectly slicing the banana, Lester with his Polaroid camera, Casey just showing up (he did a lot of just showing up in this episode) right as Chuck is ending things with Sarah.

Do you trust Cole, or are you suspicious? Did Chuck overreact in breaking things off with Sarah? And why can't Sarah stop falling for her partners?

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Jammi Jammi 8 years
"partially at Ellie's urging to take control of his life" Which I find amusing since she seems to be one person who likes to have some control in his life. I agree on the Casey rooting for Chuck comments, especially when he seems exasperated with Chuck over his fainting plan, hahah. I don't know about Cole, he seems a bit shady, like I believe he's MI6 but there's something iffy about him. And I got the impression that the whole intersect/fulcrum thing is really just countries monitering their allies, that's what I figured anyway, they're willing to stick their noses into the business of everyone else, it's always good to see how much progress your ally is making. Not to mention Fulcrum is a terrorist organization, their roots probably spread all over. Ditto the more Anna and Big Mike, I'm glad Morgan got some screen time and I too hope him and Chuck move in together, haha, and then Sarah can keep dropping by.
rippintricycle rippintricycle 8 years
This occurred to me last night: I know MI6 agents handle international intelligence issues, but why would one know about the Intersect or Fulcrum? And the general said she wasn't aware that Cole was undercover, so it's not like they borrowed their agents. Either I'm suspicious, or it was a bad plot device.
spacebear spacebear 8 years
arg i meant i giggle when casey growls, not laughs.
JessNess JessNess 8 years
I thought that the guy capturing Cole looked like Casey too. Although if he was the one to take him out why would they have to go into Asset lock down? I could have used a lot more Casey lines and grunts in this episode. Poor Morgan. Can one thing just work out for him?
nonmr nonmr 8 years
Raves: - Cole was pretty cool but just like what I initially thought of Jill, he's still pretty shady. I agree with what Sarah's feelings--he's hot but still my heart belongs to Bartowski =) - The Green Shirt auditions was pretty funny. Although it was pretty icky seeing Jeff in a robe, he's still one of my favorites. - Morgan's stint at the Bartowski household. I thought his good manners for Ellie and Awesome was kind of weird but when he slept naked on the couch, it didn't shock me much but I still find it pretty funny. - Sarah's slick banana slicing antic. I agree with Casey--never use the "It's not you, it's me" line to a girl (or in Chuck's case, a trained assassin) holding a knife. - Sarah and Cole's flirtation was pretty hot but my heart goes to Chuck. It's painful to see his reactions especially when he saw Sarah and Cole kissing in the monitor =( Rants: - For the nth time, where's Big Mike, Anna Wu and Emmett? - More Casey, please? And could they add some spice to Casey's constant bartender cover, like a funny-looking wig (like the ones in the previous episodes, or the one like Emmett's) perhaps? - The constant push-and-pull state of Chuck and Sarah's relationship. Sometimes, it's kind of wearing down but the addition of Cole (like Jill and Bryce) kind of adds spice (not to mention, confusion) to their so-called relationship =)
Allyace Allyace 8 years
rip -- I thought about that too. It did seem like it could be Casey. The General has told him things behind Sarah's back before! Great episode, I just wish there had been a liiiittle more Casey! Lester in the bathrobe cracked me up.
rippintricycle rippintricycle 8 years
Was it just me, or did anyone else thing that was Casey taking Cole out at the end there? And maybe I'll regret asking, but Morgan said Big Mike sounds like a wounded what? Slide?
kittyhill kittyhill 8 years
I loved how, as much as Casey acts like he hates Chuck, it seemed like he was actually kind of ROOTING for him in this episode. I think Cole is genuine MI-6, so I guess that means I trust him. What I don't trust is Sarah's feelings for him... When she told Chuck they'd have to move in together because Cole got captured, was she more worried about Chuck or Cole? Next episode is going to be intense, I can tell already. Love this show!
spacebear spacebear 8 years
I really love this show. Jeff in the way too open robe was great...and seriously NO one questions what he's doing at work in a robe?? its great that strange things like that are just expected from him. I giggle everytime Casey laughs, but I LOVE how its almost like he's rooting for chuck to get the girl, in his own Casey-like way.
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