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Chuck Recap: Episode 18, "Chuck vs. The Broken Heart"

Chuck Rundown: Episode 18, "Chuck vs. The Broken Heart"

Being in love with his handler has often made things a little more difficult for Chuck Bartowski — but what if she were to be taken away for good? That's the question in this week's episode of Chuck, which finds Sarah being replaced by a new agent (Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer). It turns out to be a particularly bad time for that, though, as the mission of the week comes dangerously close to Chuck's family. Also, there are strippers. To chat about this episode, just


I'm not sure I totally buy the logic of the government bringing in Alex Forrest and immediately having her step into Sarah's role. Wouldn't Beckman have wanted her to observe Sarah for a while? Furthermore, wouldn't they already have all the evidence they need to have Sarah reassigned just from those schmoopy videos? Nevertheless, it's interesting to see how having Forrest around changes Chuck's life immediately. She doesn't care about Chuck or his family; she'll do whatever it takes to complete the mission, even if it's seducing Chuck's soon-to-be brother-in-law and then shooting him with a tranq dart. Sure, Sarah's feelings for Chuck have made her do things that are against protocol; we know there are shots she didn't take and moments when she's hesitated. But she's kept Chuck alive — and with less disruption to his personal life than what Forrest causes in just one mission. I wouldn't have minded seeing this plot go on a bit longer, as it seemed obvious that Forrest would be out and Sarah in by the end of the episode. But it's good to have a reminder that as bad as things are for Chuck, they could be much worse.

I'd be remiss to go further without talking about the last few moments of the episode. Thinking she's off the case, Sarah runs Chuck's father's name through the government computer system. And that's how the two of them find themselves in the middle of a field, staring at an airstream trailer. The last things we hear are the sounds of Bon Iver's "Blood Bank" and Chuck's semisurprised "Dad?" I can't wait to see them together next week.

Meanwhile, poor Captain Awesome, dragged into Chuck's secret spy life at his own bachelor party! It's nice to have confirmation that Devon is a good guy after all, and it's such a shame that nobody sets Ellie straight. I mean, Awesome doesn't look like he's enjoying himself in the stripper pictures; he barely looks conscious. Really, nobody could have said, " Devon wasn't into it, but they took some pictures anyway?" I don't care what kind of bro code you have; one of its tenets should be "Don't let the fiance believe you got it on with a stripper if you actually did not." That aside, watching Jeff and Lester be lecherous is pretty amusing.

Some other thoughts:

  • OK, I know we accept a certain amount of sexism in this show — Sarah's skimpy outfits, etc. — but the guys making poo faces at the plus-sized strippers bugged me. Cheap shot.
  • Of all the things Chuck's been asked to do in service of the government, he's extraordinarily bad at pretending to be a doctor.
  • Loved watching Forrest and Casey flirt in their hardcore-spy kind of way. As Chuck said: "Wow. You two are a match made in a very frightening part of heaven."
  • For a while there, I thought there might have been laughing gas in my living room, too. "Ladybugs can't all be ladies" isn't even that funny, and yet, I was in stitches.
  • There's really no government surveillance at Sarah's place?
  • Also, Beckman being piped into Chuck's bedroom seems like a recipe for blowing his cover.

Ready to meet Chuck's dad? Wish you could have seen Sarah and Chuck try to be 100 percent professional for a little longer?

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Join The Conversation
deeann deeann 8 years
i love chuck it's really picking up pace..i really hope nbc doesn't cancel it. more chuck please!
Allyace Allyace 8 years
I really love this show. NBC needs to renew it right now! I loved how Casey stuck up for Sarah there at the end saying that her feelings have probably helped more than hurt b/c after watching agent "I don't care how I have to hurt you" he was totally right. I too really hope they set things right with Ellie and Awesome. I also hope that Awesome remembers enough about that night to ask Chuck what is up! The twist would be fun.
spacebear spacebear 8 years
OH! and we find out sarah's room isn't bugged - which means i think there's gonna be some sarah/chuck action happening in there!
La-Tua-Cantante La-Tua-Cantante 8 years
I just love this show so much! They HAVE to renew it or I don't even know what I'll do!
spacebear spacebear 8 years
ARG renew this show NBC!!! i loved when lester called after ellie and included "elton" Loved when casey spoke up and called sarah the best partner he's ever worked with - however i have a feeling he might have been NOT wanting to work with Forrest so he could date her :) Loved when lester told chuck "the sun revolves around the sun, not you" (something like that) and Jeff said "Astronomy Snap!" and yes i laughed out loud at the ladybug line too. it was just too perfect. I cannot wait til for the "leap" to next week - scott bakula!!!
nonmr nonmr 8 years
Raves: - Morgan and Jeffster's kidnapping technique was pretty good. They have potential like Anna, haha! - Loved it when Casey sprayed the trio with water. So funny! - Lester to Chuck when he removed the tape on Chuck's mouth: "Man up, Charles." XD - Jeffster and Morgan's little rap while talking to Chuck - Casey being smitten with Agent Alex Forrest. During the first few scenes, one could immediately notice. - Agent Forrest was the exact replica of Casey back in season 1. But apparently, Casey's a little more softy than Forest. - Chuck to Casey and Forrest: "Wow, you two are a match made in a very frightening part of heaven." XD - Forrest in a police suit at Awesome's bachelor party. She's quite hot---and Casey's reaction upon seeing her supports my opinion, haha! - Jeff to Forrest: "I broke the eighth (and a half?) commandment on the way here." - The General finally recognizing Chuck's feelings for Sarah as an the asset :) - Casey being a little softy for Sarah. When he told Forrest that Sarah's the best partner he ever had, my heart melted! - Lester to Ellie: "Ellie! Eleanor! Elton!" XD - The three strippers to Awesome's bachelor party. I loved the reactions of Chuck and the rest when they saw them, haha! - Lester to Jeff while looking at the strippers: "Jeff, is that your sister?" XD - Awesome responding to Chuck's "video game" name: "Carmichael, I like it." Rants: - Oh no, I think Forrest caused a bump in the Ellie-Awesome paradise. I do hope things will work out 'coz they're my favorite couple aside from Chuck&Sarah and Morgan&Anna =( - No Big Mike, Emmett and Wu =( - If this is the only episode with Forrest in it, I do quite feel bad about it. I like her, even though she did some damage to Ellie and Awesome. I like her because Casey needs a lady, haha! - Renew the series! What is NBC waiting for?! :)
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
i love chuck! The stripper thing didn't bother me, I knew what it was going to be. And it was just that they were overweight it was that they were scary! And one was Jeffs sister! But, the new girl had a nice body but I really didn't think she was pretty. Loved when Sarah put her in her place and that Casey stood up for Sarah. Go Casey! PS Super excited for next week. Scott Bakula is his dad?? I LOVE QUANTUM LEAP! So stoked
PirateKitty PirateKitty 8 years
When the strippers came out i was actually totally expecting Jeff and Lester to jump right in on it and be super excited about having lingerie clad women in the Buy More. .... Then he said one was his sister!
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 8 years
I thought this was a great episode but I was *so* angry about the plus-size stripper thing. It's one thing to have only incredibly hot women wearing revealing clothes on your show despite the fact that 99% of women don't look that way, but then rub it in by showing some women who are the size of of the average American woman and having a horrified reaction? That was ridiculous! Even most "normal" strippers look more like the three they were making fun of than like Tricia Helfer. That was some of the most sexist crap I've seen on tv in a long time. Ack. So mad.
Jammi Jammi 8 years
The scene with the strippers didn't bother me that much, but mainly because I already knew they wouldn't be normal strippers since Jeff was the one who got them for the party. I agree with the setting Ellie straight part, they could've used the pictures as proof: "As you can see, he's pretty much passed out, we, and by we I mean Jeff and Lester, thought it would be amusing to take pictures of him like that." Also, the part where Lester tries to call her back and is like "Ellie! Ellie! Elizabeth! Elenor!" hahah, because i don't think we actually know her real name. I agree that the alternate handler bit should've gone on for at least one more episode. And the whole General Beckman thing is definitely going tobe what blows his cover, or lead to an amusing gaming related reason for her being on his computer. Personally I think that's when Morgan learns the truth since Devon called him General Beckman and he had no idea what he was talking about. A female Casey is nowhere near as amusing as the real Casey, lol. I have to say, Chuck is braver than I am, because if my father had ran off and when I found him he was living in some rundown trailer in the middle of nowhere I'd be more along the thoughts of 'he'd rather live here than come see us...' mindset and then leave. It was a great episode, really looking forward to next week's.
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