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Chuck Recap: Episode 18, "Chuck vs. The Broken Heart"

Chuck Rundown: Episode 18, "Chuck vs. The Broken Heart"

Being in love with his handler has often made things a little more difficult for Chuck Bartowski — but what if she were to be taken away for good? That's the question in this week's episode of Chuck, which finds Sarah being replaced by a new agent (Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer). It turns out to be a particularly bad time for that, though, as the mission of the week comes dangerously close to Chuck's family. Also, there are strippers. To chat about this episode, just


I'm not sure I totally buy the logic of the government bringing in Alex Forrest and immediately having her step into Sarah's role. Wouldn't Beckman have wanted her to observe Sarah for a while? Furthermore, wouldn't they already have all the evidence they need to have Sarah reassigned just from those schmoopy videos? Nevertheless, it's interesting to see how having Forrest around changes Chuck's life immediately. She doesn't care about Chuck or his family; she'll do whatever it takes to complete the mission, even if it's seducing Chuck's soon-to-be brother-in-law and then shooting him with a tranq dart. Sure, Sarah's feelings for Chuck have made her do things that are against protocol; we know there are shots she didn't take and moments when she's hesitated. But she's kept Chuck alive — and with less disruption to his personal life than what Forrest causes in just one mission. I wouldn't have minded seeing this plot go on a bit longer, as it seemed obvious that Forrest would be out and Sarah in by the end of the episode. But it's good to have a reminder that as bad as things are for Chuck, they could be much worse.

I'd be remiss to go further without talking about the last few moments of the episode. Thinking she's off the case, Sarah runs Chuck's father's name through the government computer system. And that's how the two of them find themselves in the middle of a field, staring at an airstream trailer. The last things we hear are the sounds of Bon Iver's "Blood Bank" and Chuck's semisurprised "Dad?" I can't wait to see them together next week.

Meanwhile, poor Captain Awesome, dragged into Chuck's secret spy life at his own bachelor party! It's nice to have confirmation that Devon is a good guy after all, and it's such a shame that nobody sets Ellie straight. I mean, Awesome doesn't look like he's enjoying himself in the stripper pictures; he barely looks conscious. Really, nobody could have said, " Devon wasn't into it, but they took some pictures anyway?" I don't care what kind of bro code you have; one of its tenets should be "Don't let the fiance believe you got it on with a stripper if you actually did not." That aside, watching Jeff and Lester be lecherous is pretty amusing.

Some other thoughts:

  • OK, I know we accept a certain amount of sexism in this show — Sarah's skimpy outfits, etc. — but the guys making poo faces at the plus-sized strippers bugged me. Cheap shot.
  • Of all the things Chuck's been asked to do in service of the government, he's extraordinarily bad at pretending to be a doctor.
  • Loved watching Forrest and Casey flirt in their hardcore-spy kind of way. As Chuck said: "Wow. You two are a match made in a very frightening part of heaven."
  • For a while there, I thought there might have been laughing gas in my living room, too. "Ladybugs can't all be ladies" isn't even that funny, and yet, I was in stitches.
  • There's really no government surveillance at Sarah's place?
  • Also, Beckman being piped into Chuck's bedroom seems like a recipe for blowing his cover.

Ready to meet Chuck's dad? Wish you could have seen Sarah and Chuck try to be 100 percent professional for a little longer?

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