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Chuck Recap: Episode 19, "Chuck vs. the Dream Job"

Chuck Rundown: Episode 19, "Chuck vs. the Dream Job"

This week's Chuck begins 100 miles east of Barstow at Chuck's father's trailer. It ends with some revelations — some surprising, some maybe less so by now — about Chuck's family history and his future as the Intersect. Also, it makes pancakes seem like the saddest food ever. Ready to chat about it? Just


So, talk about daddy issues: Chuck's father — aka Orion! — created the Intersect. He left his family because he wanted to keep them as far away from his technology as possible. And now the Intersect's in Chuck's brain, and his dad is captured again because of it; he's agreed to create a new, functional Intersect in exchange for Chuck's life. I'm not sure, but having your dad get kidnapped by a rogue arm of the government in order to save you might be even worse than thinking your dad just walked out on you one night while making pancakes. It's hard to tell.

I'd suspected that Chuck's dad would have something to do with Chuck's current situation, but I pegged him for a spy, not the creator of the Intersect (well, the cool parts of it, anyway — heh). He sure took his sweet time telling Chuck (I assume because of surveillance issues), luring him to Roark in the middle of the night before confessing his true identity. I enjoyed watching Scott Bakula play the daffy, not-entirely-there version of Chuck's dad, but it's also cool to see him snap into action as Orion, whipping out the magical wristband and very nearly getting the Intersect out of Chuck's brain. Well, maybe: even in the best case, Orion figured he could overwrite Chuck's brain with, um, I guess a normal brain sans government images.

The episode really picks up once Chuck cracks Orion's map code and decides he has to go to Roark. First of all, Zachary Levi looks rather dashing in his riot gear, no? Second, it's awesome to watch him take matters into his own hands, to the point of tranq darting Casey. (Also, it takes three tranq darts to knock John Casey down!) And third, how sad is the look on Chuck's face when Sarah and Casey drag him away from his dad and the army of Roark employees/Fulcrum agents? Plus, now instead of doing something nice for Ellie, he's made her life even tougher: her dad's left again, and while Chuck could explain why, he has to keep it a secret.

Some more thoughts:

  • After the bachelor party disaster, it's nice to see Awesome get a chance to be a good guy — but I did hope, even though I knew it wasn't logical, that Orion would be the one making pancakes in that last scene in the Bartowski house.
  • It's interesting to see how Ellie reacted to seeing her dad again — even though it's something she thought she wanted. Chuck might have been ready to forgive him, even before learning he was Orion, but seeing him took Ellie right back to being abandoned.
  • Speaking of not logical, how on earth does Chuck end up back at the Buy More after interrupting Roark's software launch? I'd figure they'd throw him in jail for that.
  • Roark Industries is a pretty hilarious representation of a software giant, right down to the silver bouncy balls everyone apparently uses in lieu of chairs.
  • Very little Buy More in this episode, but I did like Morgan's stunned reaction to Chuck's betrayal. I wonder if he was more upset about Chuck landing the dream job or not telling him first; I suspect the latter.
  • Sarah and Casey's nerd outfits — pastel plaid shirts, glasses — were pretty hysterical; I wish Chuck would have schooled them on true geek apparel.

Were you surprised at Chuck's dad's true identity? And was the Intersect ending up in Chuck's brain really a coincidence, or is there some greater CIA plan happening here?

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