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Chuck Recap: Episode 19, "Chuck vs. the Dream Job"

Chuck Rundown: Episode 19, "Chuck vs. the Dream Job"

This week's Chuck begins 100 miles east of Barstow at Chuck's father's trailer. It ends with some revelations — some surprising, some maybe less so by now — about Chuck's family history and his future as the Intersect. Also, it makes pancakes seem like the saddest food ever. Ready to chat about it? Just


So, talk about daddy issues: Chuck's father — aka Orion! — created the Intersect. He left his family because he wanted to keep them as far away from his technology as possible. And now the Intersect's in Chuck's brain, and his dad is captured again because of it; he's agreed to create a new, functional Intersect in exchange for Chuck's life. I'm not sure, but having your dad get kidnapped by a rogue arm of the government in order to save you might be even worse than thinking your dad just walked out on you one night while making pancakes. It's hard to tell.

I'd suspected that Chuck's dad would have something to do with Chuck's current situation, but I pegged him for a spy, not the creator of the Intersect (well, the cool parts of it, anyway — heh). He sure took his sweet time telling Chuck (I assume because of surveillance issues), luring him to Roark in the middle of the night before confessing his true identity. I enjoyed watching Scott Bakula play the daffy, not-entirely-there version of Chuck's dad, but it's also cool to see him snap into action as Orion, whipping out the magical wristband and very nearly getting the Intersect out of Chuck's brain. Well, maybe: even in the best case, Orion figured he could overwrite Chuck's brain with, um, I guess a normal brain sans government images.

The episode really picks up once Chuck cracks Orion's map code and decides he has to go to Roark. First of all, Zachary Levi looks rather dashing in his riot gear, no? Second, it's awesome to watch him take matters into his own hands, to the point of tranq darting Casey. (Also, it takes three tranq darts to knock John Casey down!) And third, how sad is the look on Chuck's face when Sarah and Casey drag him away from his dad and the army of Roark employees/Fulcrum agents? Plus, now instead of doing something nice for Ellie, he's made her life even tougher: her dad's left again, and while Chuck could explain why, he has to keep it a secret.

Some more thoughts:

  • After the bachelor party disaster, it's nice to see Awesome get a chance to be a good guy — but I did hope, even though I knew it wasn't logical, that Orion would be the one making pancakes in that last scene in the Bartowski house.
  • It's interesting to see how Ellie reacted to seeing her dad again — even though it's something she thought she wanted. Chuck might have been ready to forgive him, even before learning he was Orion, but seeing him took Ellie right back to being abandoned.
  • Speaking of not logical, how on earth does Chuck end up back at the Buy More after interrupting Roark's software launch? I'd figure they'd throw him in jail for that.
  • Roark Industries is a pretty hilarious representation of a software giant, right down to the silver bouncy balls everyone apparently uses in lieu of chairs.
  • Very little Buy More in this episode, but I did like Morgan's stunned reaction to Chuck's betrayal. I wonder if he was more upset about Chuck landing the dream job or not telling him first; I suspect the latter.
  • Sarah and Casey's nerd outfits — pastel plaid shirts, glasses — were pretty hysterical; I wish Chuck would have schooled them on true geek apparel.

Were you surprised at Chuck's dad's true identity? And was the Intersect ending up in Chuck's brain really a coincidence, or is there some greater CIA plan happening here?

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Lavinie Lavinie 8 years
lester and jeff were hilarious!!! as for the episode itself - i really liked it.. this show just keeps getting better and better.
reesiekitty reesiekitty 8 years
this was a great episode. Spacebear- I agree with you, the music is really well done. It's always dead on and not just some collection of random pop tunes. There are a couple of decent iMixes on iTunes where folks have collected the music, if people are looking for it. I think Zachary Levi is funny and smart and a great lead for this show, but I just love all the supporting cast. I really care about Awesome and Ellie working things out ok- I want Chuck to reassure both of them that the pictures from the bachelor party look bad, but that Awesome did not do anything wrong at all!! I felt terrible for Ellie when their dad came back- I love her relationship with Chuck. It is completely believable. I also love Sara's interaction with Chuck's family- she seems to have real compassion for the situation. Ok, Adam Baldwin is sooo funny. the scene where Casey got tranked was just a classic. And I also loved he and Sara's 'geek' outfits and the clapping, LOL. It was like someone had given him an outdated CIA primer on how to act like a nerd!! All in all, this is a great direction for the show. The humor level has not dropped off at all and the action level continues to grow as Chuck becomes more of a real spy. Please RENEW it!
La-Tua-Cantante La-Tua-Cantante 8 years
This was an amazing episode. I've been saying that Orion is Chuck's dad forever - I have no idea why I thought that but it was very satisfying when I learned that I was right! I felt so bad for Ellie at the end though.
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 8 years
i thought chuck's dad could've been CIA - like sarah's "surprised" look when the door opened in the previous ep but didn't think he'd be ORION. i hope daddy bartowski doesn't die and fulcrum goes down, finally. but overall - one of the best chuck ep's ever. quite entertaining. also, great to see chuck finally take matters into his own hands (character development) and figuring out the code of where the other intersect was. also, hilarious to see sarah/casey's nerd outfits. chuck is such a fun, fun show. nbc... oh what to do with you. please don't cancel ANOTHER good show.
Jammi Jammi 8 years
That ending song has been playing nonstop since I've heard it. Had to search it out [Daddy's Gone - Glasvegas] and this episode was all types of amazing. I loved the part where Morgan was like 'Of course I knew, haha first to hear' and Jeff 'You're so over...' hahaha but then again there were so many sad parts, I thought they did balance out the humour well. And yeah, I figured Orion was his dad as well, though after the whole 'helicopter explosion' bit, I thought I might've gotten it wrong, lol.
bluespirit bluespirit 8 years
This episode was awesome! I love Chuck! (ahem...needless to say, RENEW IT!) Did anyone else die of laughter when Casey (in his nerd outfit) started clapping at the announcement that the expo was beginning? If you didn't catch that please go back and take a look, it was hilarioius!
nonmr nonmr 8 years
Raves: -- This has got to be one of those really sad episodes (the other was the Christmas episode) and one of those really heavy ones. While I chuckled nonstop at the previous episode, I kept holding back my tears on this latest one. -- Chuck's dad was awesome being the Orion. I know he's kind of a kooky and not to mention weird (almost all of us probably knows one in real life) but he's just like any other dad who deeply cares about his family. -- All of the scenes of Chuck and Ellie with their dad is heart-breaking. Like I said, I kept holding back tears on this episode. -- The entire episode was really, really heavy. And the little Buy More humor made that possible. -- Morgan's reaction when Lester called him to say that Chuck's been hired at RI ;) -- Chuck's giddy reactions at the RI tour. He's like a kid at a zoo pointing at anything he sees: "What's that? What's that? What's that?" -- Casey and Sarah's reactions upon hearing Chuck's audio while trying to sit at the bouncy ball chair. -- Casey and Sarah's nerd covers. Casey's looking a little weird trying to pose as a nerd, haha! -- Casey to Sarah about Chuck's whereabouts: "In a world of pain." XD -- Wow, Casey's pretty tough! He can sustain (almost) three tranqs? XD -- Jeff covering for Chuck at the convention, only to be stopped by his interviewer, haha! "And you call yourself a Stanford graduate." XD Rants: -- No Anna Wu and Emmett. -- Awesome being oh-so-serious in this episode. It's good to see him on good terms with Ellie but everything is still shaky for the both of them. -- For the nth time, to NBC: Renew, renew, renew!!! ;)
BubbleSpice BubbleSpice 8 years
About two weeks ago I totally called it that Orion was Papa Bartowski. Nobody ever listens to me.
kgr3p18 kgr3p18 8 years
this has to be one of my favorite episodes!
PirateKitty PirateKitty 8 years
That was one of the best episodes! So much fun to watch.
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
Oh my god. Such a good episode! When we found out that Chuck's dad is Orion, I was literally sitting, staring at my computer, pounding my fists on the desk and going, OH MY GOD. haha. SUCH an awesome twist. Chuck with the tranq gun was hilarious. First Casey (three darts, dayum), then rapidly firing at the guys holding his dad, and the pause before they all fell, I thought he forgot to load them or something, haha! So good. If Chuck gets canceled I will flip. It's too good to let go.
spacebear spacebear 8 years
oh yeah, sorry to post twice, but the music on this show is always soooo perfect.
spacebear spacebear 8 years
Great episode! I love Quantum Dad! Chuck did look SOOO sad when they took his dad, but I am glad the dad said he could trust his handlers. I liked: the scenes with Chuck trying to sit on the ball Lester and Jeff at the convention and even though Chuck kinda ignored them (he was flashing! he couldnt help it!) they still tried to help him escape 'Eleanor's' (good thing it wasn't Elton) reaction to dad being home was so sad Chuck going all bad-a** on everyone Chevy Chase and Scott Bakula were GREAT guest stars! But I have to say my favorite part was when Casey FINALLY got knocked out. The little sound he made was hilarious. IF it comes back - which i hope hope hope it does, I think Lynda Carter would make a perfect mom for them.
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