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Chuck Recap: Episode 8, "Chuck Vs. The Truth"

Chuck Rundown: Episode 8, "Chuck Vs. The Truth"

I'm no expert in the spy genre, but I've heard and seen enough stories involving "truth serum" to know that I should have expected that plotline to turn up on Chuck eventually. But I really liked the way the show used the idea of the honesty drug, taking Chuck's relationships with both Sarah and his sister to new levels while giving us some of the best laugh-out-loud lines yet. Plus: All hail Bilson! To read the rest of my thoughts on the episode, just

A lot of episodes of Chuck have involved some kind of conflict between Chuck's spy life and his real life, but none has done it so forcefully. Ellie didn't actually get poisoned because Chuck was a spy — in fact, she probably only survived because Chuck, Sarah, and Casey knew how to get the antidote — but it still showed Chuck the dangers of his new life. We knew enough about Chuck to expect that he would give Ellie the antidote rather than taking it himself, but it's good to have his selflessness confirmed. And Ellie really sold her part of the story; I haven't been the biggest fan of Sarah Lancaster's acting, but her "words taste like peaches" had me giggling all night. Possibly the sweetest (and saddest) moment was Chuck confessing to Ellie while Ellie was unconscious. That may be the closest our hero comes to telling his loved ones the truth.

This episode also brought an end, at least temporarily, to Chuck and Sarah's cover relationship. Good for Chuck for standing up for what he wants — especially when what he wants is the chance to date Lou, the sandwich-obsessed character played by Rachel Bilson. (Did anyone else think the dialogue on Chuck got instantly better when Bilson came in?) I suppose the girlfriend plot was the easiest cover for the government to invent for Sarah, but couldn't they achieve the same goals by just having them be friends, or neighbors, or coworkers? Of course, there's still the issue of whether Sarah actually wants something more with Chuck — but for whatever reason, she can't quite say it.

Maybe the biggest surprise of the episode was the hasty disposal of Harry Tang. Damn. I liked the guy, but the actor playing him is a regular on Dexter now, and presumably that's why Chuck had to let him go. The way he puffed up when Casey told him the government was going to send him on a mission was priceless.

Some other thoughts:

  • All hail Lou: "I think you're cute. You're funny. Our vast height difference intrigues me." Man, I wish Bilson were on this show permanently.
  • Talk about a window into Morgan's strange, strange mind: "Her hair looked so much like licorice, I wanted to chew on it until I make myself sick."
  • Loved Sarah and Casey talking to the government about Chuck's instincts: "Chuck's not wrong very often." "He's annoying all the time."
  • Chuck's whiteboy dancing as he waited for Sarah's faux-bootycall was hilarious. Also: "This is part of my cover." "Well, it doesn't cover a thing."
  • Some other great poisoned Ellie lines: "If everything is awesome and nothing is unawesome then everything by definition is just mediocre!" and "Chuck, you need a haircut. It's starting to make funny animal shapes."
  • The scenes with Chuck, Sarah, and Casey telling the truth completely cracked me up, with Chuck talking about how he'd write about this day on his blog, Casey admitting he wouldn't shoot Chuck, and "Casey, your jaw was chiseled by Michelangelo himself."

Your thoughts? Who's going to be the new assistant manager of the Buy More? Am I the only one getting the hunch that it's Morgan?

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