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Chuck Rundown: Episode 11, "Chuck Vs. The Crown Vic"

Chuck Rundown: Episode 11, "Chuck Vs. The Crown Vic"

Well, if that's the last episode of Chuck we're going to see for a while, I suppose it was a fine note to end on. But after two weeks of fantastic episodes, I can't pretend I wasn't a little disappointed in this one. Sure, it had the resolution to last week's "will Sarah stay or go?" cliffhanger, and there were some great one-liners from Casey (and even Morgan). But mostly, I thought the episode just seemed like kind of a placeholder, reminding us that Chuck should still return after the strike ends while not getting our hopes up too high in case that return doesn't come for months. To read the rest of my thoughts on the episode, just

I'm most frustrated because I thought this episode missed a huge opportunity to have Morgan find out — or at least become significantly more suspicious — about Chuck's secret life. In fact, as soon as Anna told Morgan that her parents were in town from Taiwan for a charity event, I was sure that's where the show was going. A villain would end up at the event, the Chuck-Sarah-Casey team would get called in to nab the bad guy, their efforts would put Morgan in danger, and Chuck would find a way to save the day — but accidentally reveal his secret life, too. In reality, all those things happened except the last part. And I think that's a shame: After 11 weeks of watching Chuck behaving oddly, I'd think someone in his social circle would have cause to suspect something, and this would have been a great opportunity.

Without that, the weight of the episode fell on the Chuck and Sarah relationship – and after being so strong for the past couple of weeks, I just wasn't feeling it this time. Even knowing that Sarah decided not to go with Bryce didn't resolve things for Chuck, because as far as he knows, she chose her job, not Chuck himself. Still, I liked the way they made up with an alarm clock (to replace the one Sarah knifed to death earlier in the episode) and lots of bad dancing at the Buy More party.

Casey totally saved the episode for me, between his love for the Crown Vic and his genuine conflict at the end over having to kill Chuck (eventually). We never would have seen that a few episodes ago, but it seems that Casey has developed something approaching affinity for his bumbling helper. Here's hoping the new Intersect takes a while longer to get online.

Some other thoughts:

  • The plot with Morgan meeting Anna's parents was painful, but I think it was (at least partially) meant to be that way. After all, when is meeting your significant other's family ever fun — especially when you're as socially awkward as Morgan?
  • That said, Morgan did have some fantastic one-liners, especially at the beginning of the episode: "Never trust a woman whose name is a palindrome, OK?" and "Don't you ever wish you were born, like, a dog, or a dolphin, or Dr. Dre?" were my favorites.
  • I did like the extra appearances from the Buy More supporting characters this week, especially Lester's dreidel gambling and Jeff's spiked egg nog. Oh, and Big Mike dancing in a Santa suit.
  • Maybe it makes me about 12 years old, but I laughed like a fool when that rocket zoomed out from between Chuck's legs.

Your thoughts? Were you happy with the way this mini-season ended? And what happens when Chuck's Intersect services are no longer needed?

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Join The Conversation
gr8gossipqueen gr8gossipqueen 9 years
ever feel embarrassed for someone? thats how i felt when the buy more family was dancing lol. i'm sad that chuck may have to die also. as for morgan and anna-i'm glad anna was the one that felt like she was acting strange and they're still togher. plus morgan as the captain was the best!
akosijen akosijen 9 years
I also found the part where the rocket zooms between his legs. Actually, even my brother, who doesn't watch Chuck at all, thought that was one of the funnier parts.
Entertainment Entertainment 9 years
Hautie — Chuck will be able to finish 13 episodes with the material that was written before the strike, which means there are still two more for the new year. I hope the strike is resolved before the end of the month so they'll be able to get back into production before those two episodes have aired. The bad news is that NBC has already scheduled something else (the American Gladiators remake) to fill Chuck's spot, so when those two episodes air, it might be at some other time or on a different day.
Hautie Hautie 9 years
Oh yea... John Casey is hot. Loved his personal moment with that 1985 Crown Vic. It is a nice touch to have his true love center around a car. If Chuck has any sense he will find Casey another car... and be quick about it. I thought last night NBC advertised that Chuck would be back in January with a couple of new episode's. I also thought I had read back a week ago it was one of the few shows still shooting episode's. So I was hoping we get at least 16-18 episodes before it all stopped.
JessNess JessNess 9 years
I liked last nights epi. The whole story line of Casey and his car was priceless. I love the look on his face after the car blew up. Did anyone else notice that the new intersect had pictures of everyone in Chucks life. Im pretty sure I saw of very government looking picture of Lou.
ep24 ep24 9 years
casey is my fave on the show. he cracks me up.
spacebear spacebear 9 years
I love this show, but the men are so not real! Seriously both Chuck and Morgan (yes! Moragn!) are super sensitive men...where are those?? If you know, send one my way please. Especially if one looks like Chuck.
ashopaholic ashopaholic 9 years
i love this show. does anybody else think casey is hot?
ana-isabel ana-isabel 9 years
The part when Casey is wash/cleaning his crown victoria is so funny. I love Casey.
schultzie11 schultzie11 9 years
I thought it was hilarious when Chuck says "It's fake" (about the money) and Jeff thinks he is talking about the girls and says "Who cares, so is Cool Whip"... So funny! ps. do you think Sarah knows that Casey is supposed to kill Chuck eventually?
taylorbath taylorbath 9 years
I agree! Chuck with Lou (Rachel Bilson) had so much more chemistry than with Sarah. Rachel Bilson needs to come back as a regular!
blondie829 blondie829 9 years
I'm going to miss Chuck :(. I actually liked last night's episode. It had some great Morgan and Casey moments. I do miss Awesome though...
Phasekitty Phasekitty 9 years
I'm so sad that was the last Chuck for the foreseeable future. Chuck and Sarah's relationship hasn't been the same for me since I saw his chemistry with Lou. Sarah just can't compare. I thought if anyone would become suspicious of Chuck's secret life at this point, it would be Ellie. But I suppose they want to keep putting all that off as far as possible. Especially considering their major plot point this season with the new intersect. I was hoping that would take a bit longer to get up, but I just don't see how they're going to get around that without, at the very least, losing Casey's character. He's my favorite part about the show, so here's hoping that doesn't happen.
lucky_karabear lucky_karabear 9 years
yah, last night's episode was a little empty, but that being said I will hella miss Chuck and its infinite cuteness. fingers crossed for this freakin strike to end soon!
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