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Chuck Season 3 Premiere Recap and Review

Buzz vs. the Chuck Season Three Premiere

Agent Bartowski has arrived! The third season premiere of Chuck debuted last night with plenty of answers, action, and surprises — and there's another new episode tonight. The other good news is that Chuck may no longer be the underdog: the two-hour premiere delivered its highest ratings since last year's 3D episode, rising a whopping 58 percent.

I thought the show was better than ever, but I I want to chat (which means spoilers!), so to get Chucked up with me, just


  • We finally saw what happened between Chuck and Sarah — he turned her down! Though Chuck has always been in love with Sarah, her wanting to run away and have a normal life didn't jibe with his newfound sense of purpose. Unfortunately, his emotions have made him, as Casey calls him, "a lemon" and thus incapable of being a stoic spy. No Sarah, no spy job, and no purpose sends him to the sofa, bearded and robe-clad with a giant barrel of cheese balls.
  • Desperate to see Sarah, Chuck shaves the beard and crashes a job Casey and Sarah are working undercover (how hot did she look in that dress? Get the whole look here). When Chuck seemingly blows the mission, having flashed the assassin Javier, Casey and Sarah go off on him and his lack of abilities, breaking Chuck's heart all over again.
  • But Chuck was right about the baddie's presence, and his first victim is Emmet Milbarge. The nasty Buy More boss shockingly meets his at the hands of the assassin. The abrupt murder is such a dark turn for this show, which rarely sees a character death, but I thought it was a masterfully done scene. Wilson Phillips' "Hold On" gleefully playing as the camera focused on his bloody, bullet-ridden glasses frame? Goosebumps.
  • Things didn't go so well for Morgan between last season and the premiere either — kicked out of Benihana, he's been living at Buy More.
  • When it turns out that Chuck is right about the assassin, he becomes a target and is imprisoned, with Sarah hot on his trail. She doesn't need to rescue him though — the Intersect kicks in and he pulls a kung fu move on his captor, escaping and saving Sarah. Now that his emotions are not as much of a liability and could actually be an asset, he's restored as a spy. He's back, but Sarah is warned that although Chuck previously had to be protected from the world, now they have to protect the world from Chuck. I love that — just how dangerous is Chuck now?
  • BFFs Chuck and Morgan both get their Buy More jobs back (Chuck as his cover and Morgan in earnest) and, since newlyweds Ellie and Devon have moved out across the courtyard, Morgan and Chuck get to be roommies!
  • Now that Chuck and Sarah are "exes," things get a little awkward in the second episode, but as usual, it's not long until they are back to playing boyfriend and girlfriend for a mission. Carina returns (much to Morgan's delight), and soon Chuck is in a compromising position at Carina's baddie fake-fiance's house. He then pours his heart out to Sarah right before she saves him. As much as I love Chuck and Sarah, I have to say that I'm getting a little tired of the merry-go-round. If they aren't going to be together, I think it's time to be a little more subtle with their longing glances and feelings. Come on — even Ross and Rachel dated other people. Luckily, guest stars Kristin Kreuk and Brandon Routh will supposedly promise to give us a little more variety later this season.
  • Side note: how gratuitous is the scene where Carina and Sarah are gearing up in their underwear? I know it's supposed to be totally spy-thriller tongue-in-cheek, but still.
  • I was so happy to see Morgan finally get the girl at the end of the episode — even if it's only for a short time.
  • Loving Casey (Adam Baldwin) more than ever this season, specifically his speech at Karina's engagement party. And how great is his final Rocky-style training session with Chuck?

How'd you feel about Chuck's kickoff? Do you think the third season looks promising? Sound off!

Photos courtesy of NBC

Join The Conversation
blondie829 blondie829 7 years
It was great! I loved it, but I'm tired of the on/off nature of Chuck and Sarah. Make a decision early to get them together or separate them. I heart Morgan. :)
spacebear spacebear 7 years
i am soooooooo happy its back!!!!!!
mallorycurtis mallorycurtis 7 years
did anyone else think it was so shitty the way ellie and awesome just sprung the whole "we're moving" thing on chuck? like, "surprise, we're moving! get a roommate!" haha and i agree that sarah and chuck should get new love interests. i really liked the storyline last year with chuck's college girlfriend jill and i really wanted that to work out, but alas, spy stuff. i am SO glad this show is back, it's one of my favorites!
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 7 years
Chuck was great, but I definitley agree that the longing glances between Sarah and Chuck are getting old. Either get together or move on, but stop beating us over the head with their feelings for each other. I love the concept of the new intersect giving Chuck skills when he flashes. Loved the scene when Emmett Milbarge is shot. Wow.
ticamorena ticamorena 7 years
*doing a happy dance* I'm absolutely ecstatic to have Chuck back, it is a unique show amongst all the office dramedies and high-school series. I can't wait to see what season 3 holds!
nonmr nonmr 7 years
I'm effin' glad Chuck's back, and it came back good... Just a few points: -- Emmett singing was epic! Up until now, I still see him as Buster but Emmett was a lovable character too :D -- I guess Anna Wu is no longer on the show. Sad... -- I think the writers may have downplayed Vinnie Jones' character on the show. We all know he is so much more badass. A mean fight sequence between him and Casey would have been good. -- This love rollercoaster between Chuck and Sarah is starting to get into my nerves, but I guess the entry of Kristen Kreuk and Brandon Routh will spice things up ;) -- Finally, an episode dedicated to Ellie and Awesome. It's about time! Last note: I do hope the high ratings of Chuck's return will make NBC realize what a good show Chuck is. And please NBC, no more cancellation scares ;)
lynp lynp 7 years
I am SO happy Chuck is back. I was giddy with anticipation last night and can't wait for tonight's episode as well. I thought it was AWESOME!!! I was really digging Casey last night. I think he smiled more in those two episodes than the last two seasons combined!
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