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Chuck Series Finale Recap

Are You Satisfied With the Chuck Series Finale?

That's a wrap for Chuck, the funny, moving spy series that we loved for five seasons. The two-hour finale has the entire gang working on the two last missions — first, to destroy the Intersect once and for all, and the second is more emotional: to help Chuck get Sarah back after she lost most of her memories. In the end, everyone gets pretty close to a happy ending: Devon and Ellie wrestle with a fresh start in the Midwest, Morgan and Alex move in together, Jeff and Lester get a record deal (believe it) and Casey goes to see about a girl.

Things are a little bittersweet for Chuck and Sarah, since they don't pick up exactly where their love story left off before Sarah's memory was wiped, but their final kiss implies that they'll get there again someday. We also get a nostalgic montage of the best Chuck and Sarah moments, which felt emotionally satisfying in a different way. The final image of the spy couple on the beach gave me goose bumps, but I wanted to know how other fans felt about the finale. Weigh in now — are you happy with Chuck's series finale?

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limelindsey limelindsey 5 years
I actually really liked the finale - the second half, at least. I feel like loose ends were tied up in a way that was not final (hopefully leaving it open for a movie/comic book series/web series/SOMETHING!) - Morgan and Alex together, Casey going after Gertrude (but not until he hugged Chuck like a brother!), Ellie and Awesome leaving to start the next chapter in their lives in Chicago, and Chuck and Sarah well on their way to being together again. I know a lot of people HATED that Sarah's memory was wiped out, but I think, given certain clues (Irene Demova, the Wienerlicious cup arrangement, etc), that it wasn't really erased - just blocked. And she WANTED Chuck to kiss her at the end - I choose to believe that the magic Disney Princess kiss worked and that they are together forever.
Miss-Senorita Miss-Senorita 5 years
Nope it sucked as a finale very disapointed.
txcheng txcheng 5 years
I am satisfied with the episode in general, but as a finale not so much. Seems more like a season finale that begs for more. I think the producers left the door open for possible other projects with Chuck. I certainly hope so. Chuck was pretty much the few show I have been watching on NBC these days. Chuck is one of few bright spots in a sea of vampire shows and comedies.
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