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Chuck Star Zachary Levi Rumored to Be Auditioning For Role of Superman

Zachary Levi as Superman: Spot On or So Wrong?

Around BuzzSugar territory, we've kind of got the hots for Chuck star Zachary Levi. There's a fervent love for the show itself, plus Levi is just such an affable, charismatic guy (with singing skills to boot). That's why I pretty much sat up and applauded when I heard the latest rumor circulating around the upcoming Superman reboot — Levi is supposedly auditioning to be the next Man of Steel.

Our sweet, wet-behind-the-ears spy Chuck as Superman? I see it. On his NBC series, Levi switches back and forth from awkward to indomitable, which is exactly what he'd need to portray Clark Kent and the caped superhero. But maybe my fangirl-ism is coloring my casting vision. What say you? Is the TV star an ideal fit for the blue tights, or do you have someone else in mind?

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