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The Closer Returns with a Christmas Special

The Closer is going home for the holidays. Tonight, TNT will air a special two-hour version of the show called "Next of Kin."

The special finds Krya Sedwick's Brenda heading home to Georgia over Christmas — but she's there on business, not family matters, at least at first. A gang robbery of armored cars leads Brenda back home in pursuit of a suspect. But once Brenda's parents learn she's nearby, they start lobbying her to spend Christmas with them as a family. TNT's description of the episode promises the story involves "the federal Do-Not-Fly list, a long trip in an RV, missing Perry Como CDs and some questionable tactics that could, potentially, lead to deadly consequences on Christmas Eve." Sounds like a jam-packed two hours, indeed.

The special leads into the first of four new episodes of Saving Grace, the Holly Hunter series that premiered on the network this summer. I wish I'd kept up with the show better this summer, because its reappearance on Monday nights could give me something to watch now that Chuck and Heroes are heading off the air. Did anyone else stick with it? If you're like me and need to catch up on the first season, check out this quick recap. Or, you can watch a preview of the Closer special over here.

Photo courtesy of TNT

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Lizzle Lizzle 9 years
I am normally a huge fan of this show, but tonight's episode left me a little uncomfortable. I found it really hard to identify with Brenda's decision to lie about his brother. As soon as she did it I guessed what the ending would be, and I spent the rest of the show just dreading it and feeling sorry for those poor boys. I don't think what she did was ethical and I thought it was hard to watch.
MLipchick MLipchick 9 years
this show is seriously one of the best on tv. i wish it would be on the air longer than a few months during the summer. the characters are hysterical and it always makes me laugh.
Food Food 9 years
I love kyra sedgwick in this! love the closer!
redegg redegg 9 years
I LOVE the Closer! :D :D :D She just smartly socks it to them every time and is so ditzy at the small stuff. It's hilarious.
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