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Colin Farrell Not Playing Marcus in Something Blue Movie Adaptation

Something Borrowed: Let's Cast Marcus!

The following post is from community member Shannoninsf, who posted it in The Book Club group.

Word on the street is that Colin Farrell, who was supposed to play Marcus in the movie version of Something Blue, isn't going to be in the movie after all. I think this is actually good news, since Marcus is not really supposed to be a hot guy, and Farrell is really pretty smoldering. So I'm trying my hand at casting someone for the Something Borrowed/Something Blue movies like I did with Darcy, only this time it's Marcus, the side character who romances both Darcy and Rachel. He's kind of charming, kind of dopey, but superficial Darcy deduces that he's not sexy enough — for her, anyway.

My own personal brainstorming has produced Sean William Scott, Joshua Jackson, and Bryan Greenberg, and Dax Shepard — they all have that sort-of-cute quality to me, but I know plenty of people who think they're hot — and many who definitely think they're not. So that's who I'd pick — what about you?

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Angelica Angelica 7 years
If it's not Colin this movie is dead to me.
AmyCricket AmyCricket 7 years
Steve Howey is Marcus. Confirmed and announced by emily Giffin 2 wks ago
texasgirl129 texasgirl129 7 years
Ooh. I think Van would be good...or that guy from Bridal Wars that was Anne Hathways fiance. I believe he is in Parks & Rec now. He might be a good Marcus too.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
when you go to imdb it says Steve Howey is going to be Marcus (Van from Reba)...i can see it, i terms of hot/not/kinda goofy but again, i can only see him as Van from Reba!!!!! i have high expectations for this movie, i hope it delivers!
skigurl skigurl 7 years
i'll put thought into it, but i think Stiffler, or Dax or Josh, are too known and too typecast to do a good job it worries me enough already that the others are so known and kate hudson seems so much older than darcy should be i'll get back to you!
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