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Comic-Con Panel For Super With Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, and Nathan Fillion

Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, and Liv Tyler Make Comic-Con Super

Another superhero took the stage at Comic-Con, but you've probably never heard of him before. He's Crimson Bolt, a middle-aged guy in a red spandex suit played by Rainn Wilson. Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, and Nathan Fillion joined director James Gunn to debut the masked man during the panel for Super, a project which Wilson has supposedly referred to as an "F'ed up, low-rent Watchmen." Personally, I think it's more like Kick Ass for an older audience, but if I've got you curious, keep reading.

  • The discussion started with a very early trailer and scene from the film, which takes us through the days leading up to Wilson's transformation into Crimson Bolt. At first, he's just a regular Joe who gets married to the lovely Liv Tyler — until Kevin Bacon swoops in and steals her from him. Ticked off, Wilson decides to adopt his own superhero persona to seek vengeance, wacking people's heads with his weapon of choice — a wrench. First impression: This is a one dark, twisted, bloody comedy.
  • Ellen Page plays Libby, the Hit Girl to Wilson's Kick Ass, if you will. She's a punky teen with anger issues who Page describes as a "lunatic." But she didn't go the route of most actresses and get fight training; according to Page, her moves are all improv. She also hinted at an intimate scene between her and Wilson in the film, though I can't imagine what that's about.
  • As for Fillion's character, he's a superhero on TV named the Holy Avenger who becomes Crimson Bolt's mentor of sorts. Fillion said, "He has the power of charisma. It's that 'I really want him' power, but kind of mixed in with the church. Chur-isma." He also wears super-tight pants.

For more on the film straight from the mouths of its stars,


  • One person who deserves cred for the film is Jenna Fischer. The Office star was married to Gunn during the project's development and convinced him to take it on; she's also the reason behind Wilson becoming the lead. Wilson remarked that he actually got the emailed script while using Dwight Schrute's computer on The Office set, teasing, "I had some peon PA print it out for me and carry it to my trailer on a pillow."
  • Even though Kevin Bacon couldn't attend (he was at a concert in Philadelphia), he was still mentioned several times. Wilson called him "very Bacon-esque," while Fillion added, "I think it's a universal truth that if you take anything good and add bacon, it gets better exponentially."
  • Other hot topics from the cast: Twitter (Fillion even tweeted from his seat), foot models (Liv Tyler refuses to use them), and curse words. "I feel terrible, because I dropped the F-bomb earlier, and my 5-year-old son is in the audience," admitted Rainn.
  • Fans of The Sarah Silverman Program, Page feels your pain. The actress remarked that she's "heartbroken" that her beloved show won't be coming back for another season, saying, "We should start a letter writing program. I didn't say that."
  • In perhaps the most entertaining part of the panel, Fillion and Wilson started fighting on stage! Well, it was only stage combat, but Rainn put some WWE moves on Fillion, throwing him under the table. Someone get those two on pay-per-view.

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