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At Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend, Team member Phasekitty got some great scoop on some upcoming movies from Disney, Focus Features and more. Be sure to check out all of her blogging about the event. Here are a few highlights:

  • At the Simpsons panel, Phasekitty got the answer to one burning question about The Simpsons Movie: What happened to Spider Pig? Apparently, the special creature will return in this year's season premiere. Another fun Simpsons Movie fact: The script went through 166 drafts in four years. As for the TV version of "The Simpsons," Jack Black and comic legend Alan Moore will voice characters in an episode about a rival comic shop opening in Springfield, and Dan Rather and Jon Stewart will lend their voices to a politically driven episode that finds Ralph Wiggum as the frontrunner for both parties in their primary elections.
  • Liv Tyler really knows how to please a geek: She spoke elvish upon request during the Rogue/Focus panel. She was there to promote her upcoming horror film, The Strangers. Phasekitty says: "First time director Bryan Bertino brings to life his own script about a couple who is attacked in their home by three strangers. Bertino, along with stars Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler, headed up this panel and showed two tension-filled clips and an eerie, original teaser trailer."
  • Balls of Fury, on the other hand, kind of bombed: Phasekitty says the humor among the panelists seemed forced, the clips were only mildly funny, and "the questions were mostly directed to the creative team about other projects of theirs like 'Reno 911' and 'The State.'"

More, including a glimpse at the next Pixar film, so

  • At the Disney panel, Phasekitty got a good look at Wall-E, Pixar's latest film, which is scheduled to be released next summer. Her blog has a great summary of the plot, but here's a quick version: Wall-E is a robot left behind when the humans evacuated earth; he's spent the past 700 years cleaning up our waste. He's developed a personality and feelings over the years, and he eventually falls for a robot named Eve, who has no feelings of her own. Here's Phasekitty's summary of the clip she saw:

    [Writer/director Andrew] Stanton ended the panel with a lengthy clip (about 15 minutes) from the beginning of Wall-E in which Wall-E goes about his daily routine compacting trash at work, but laying aside special "treasures" for himself which include a ring box (he quickly discarded the diamond ring inside), a rubber duck, and a bra. Underneath a pile of trash, he discovers a small green sprout, which he carefully scoops up, pots, and adds to his collection. Having finished a day's work, Wall-E heads back to his garage with his spoils; a cricket as his only companion. He sees a red light on the ground and begins to chase it only to be terrified when a spaceship lands directly on top of him (he digs underground for a quick escape to safety). Wall-E watches curiously as the spaceship opens to reveal....for a split second it's Eve, and then the film cut to black and Stanton seemed quite pleased with himself for being an incredible tease.

  • Phasekitty also got a glimpse of Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, the latest in the series. Director Andrew Adamson, who plans to step down as director after this film but remain on board as a producer, said the plan is to put out one Narnia movie every May, starting with Prince Caspian in 2008. The next one, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, is set to begin production early next year.
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gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 10 years
Awwwww I'd love to have heard Liv speak cool.... Also very excited about new Narnia movies :woohoo:
divinedebris divinedebris 10 years
The Family Guy panel on Saturday was hilarious. I didn't go to any of these panels...:(
Phil Phil 10 years
ooh, a movie about a lonely robot! If it is even remotely similar to Marvin from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I'm in. It probably isn't, but I'm in anyway. From what I've seen, Pixar puts out some very fun movies.
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