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Comic-Con Surprise — Hugh Jackman Shows Up With Wolverine Footage!

Ho-ly smokes, people, this has been a ridiculously exciting day. More on the Max Payne and The Day the Earth Stood Still panels later — it's what immediately followed the Max Payne panel that is blowing my dome right now!

As soon as the panel was over, Hugh Jackman — looking freaking fine — appeared onstage and the crowd. Went. Wild. First off, as I said, he looked amazing. He's got some long-ish wavy locks, a lovely tan and distractingly shapely arms. Anyway, he started off (in his adorable Australian accent) thanking the fans of comic book movies, without whom, he thinks he would not have a career (ha!). Then, he bounded down the steps (amid super high-pitched screaming from attendees, many of whom have gotten to the hall early so they could get good seats for the Twilight panel later today) to shake the hand of Len Wein, the person credited with co-creating the character of Wolverine. It was a really inspiring moment, actually. Jackman leaned over a bunch of people and shook Wein's hand.

There was another little speech from Jackman about the next X-Men movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and then — roll footage! We were treated to a bunch of scenes from this Wolverine movie, which isn't due in theaters until May 9, 2009. But from what we saw — so far, so awesome. To find out some of the stuff I spotted,


As the title promises, we'll see the origin story of Wolverine, and to some extent, it seems, that of Sabretooth (played by an also-very-manly Liev Schreiber). We see Stryker, who's putting together "a special team" of superheroes, and from there we get glimpses at some of the other characters, including a great-looking Gambit, played by FNL's Taylor Kitsch. Toward the end of the montage, there are some brief, but cool-looking fight scenes between Wolverine and Sabretooth.

Surely this stuff will be online soon, but I'm kinda overcome with adrenaline right now — it was such a cool surprise!


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