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Comment Roundup From Season Premieres of Glee, Grey's Anatomy, and The Office

Community Blabber: The TV Shows That Got You Talking

For this week's roundup of comments, tons of new TV is back, so I'm focusing on the buzz-y season premieres of three shows: Glee, Grey's Anatomy, and The Office.

Glee: Does the sophomore season hold promise?

  • "I have a love/hate relationship with Glee. I love watching the show, but I've always had a lot of issues with it. There is NO continuity or character development in the show. People act how they act to advance the story, even when it's completely out of character (i.e. Jesse telling Shelby he liked Rachel and then egging her in the next episode. Or, more importantly, Sue being a supervillain all last season only to rescue New Directions at the eleventh hour). I feel like they owe it to give us some credit and not treat us like idiots. But I usually get over it because the show is so much FUN." — Whiplash
  • "I hate that they didn't even say anything about Emma. She disappeared and reappeared throughout the entire second half of last season. Hope she's actually got a bigger role this season." — FutureInFashion
  • "Love it! Loved the "Telephone" showdown. I am so happy to see Quinn back in her ponytail! And her throw down with Santana . . . woohooo. And I wanna say a big HELLO to Mike Chang's abs." — wytang627

To read the best comments from the premieres of The Office and Grey's Anatomy, just


The Office: Is it what it used to be?

  • "I thought it fell flat – the nephew thing just felt obnoxious and rushed: Michael was too clueless and the ‘resolution’ too unpleasant. The Erin, Gabe, and Andy storyline shows promise, as do the glimpses we got of the new Kelly." — meli_A
  • "Last night's episode was a great start! But I can't get over the fact that it's Steve Carell's last season." — stephley
  • "I really want to still love this show, and I watch it 'cause I love the characters, but it really has just lost something." — Anonymous

Grey's Anatomy: How's that post-traumatic stress disorder?

  • "Things I didn't like: Derek and his ridiculous driving, Cristina businessy proposal, and Bailey dumping her hot boyfriend. Oh, and the fact that apparently they show emotion on Grey's by repeating the same words over and over. Things I liked: hmmmm. Actually, I can't really remember. Myeh, I'm sure things will look up next episode." — tlsgirl
  • "Really glad Grey's is back! My favorite part was when Lexie told Alex he was the opposite of badass. I love Alex but he was bothering me so much in this episode . . . just be real for once. Derek definitely needs a wake up call. Cristina and Owen's wedding . . . Don't know how I feel about it. It's definitely a bit void of emotion and strange. We need to see more of Jackson Avery please." — popculture whore
  • "I think Derek has yet to break. He is on the whole life is too short . . . let's make a baby bit. . . but when he finds out that Meredith had a miscarriage during the shooting he is only going to blame himself and he will break. The whole "engagement" with Cristina was. . . weird . . .thank you? Not yes I love you? Then again. . . that's just not Cristina. I like Lexie and Mark together but I would like to see it happen in time not right away. Teddy has a nice new upgrade from Owen." — care0531

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stephley stephley 6 years
My Office comment got switched with someone else's - I'm the one who thought it fell flat.
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