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Comment Roundup From TV Recaps of Glee, 90210, and Gossip Girl

Community Blabber: The TV Shows That Got You Talking

How great is it that all our favorite TV shows are back? I'm excited, you're excited — and you guys have a lot to say about the new episodes. Check out my favorite reader comments from the recaps this week!

Gossip Girl: The Serena and Dan debate rages on

  • "Does anyone else find it too convenient that Serena chose Dan? I was like, yeah, you chose the one with the relationship that was going to fall apart the fastest." — supertramp
  • "I like Serena and Dan together. I honestly forgot about Vanessa." — genesisrocks
  • "God the final scene with Dan and Vanessa actually made me throw up in my mouth. Funny how Dan complains about Serena not choosing when he's also been jumping from Vanessa to Serena. and I get the feeling he only went to Vanessa because he didn't want to be alone." — tonga

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90210: The best season yet?

  • "I'm starting to love 90210 more and more, and GG less and less. This episode was awesome! When I heard Sasha's big secret my mouth literally dropped. I don't think Dixon is going to be HIV pos though, but that was a really good cliff hanger. I knew Silver and Teddy wasn't going to last much longer, oh well. At least he doesn't have to tell her his secret now." — scorpion Tee
  • "I was really shocked by Sasha's confession! What a great cliff hanger! I agree — he probably won't be HIV positive, but it definitely makes things more complicated! I am also loving 90210 this season — it's getting really good!" — DCBaxter
  • "I do love this season of 90210. The way Oscar looked up in the car, I thought maybe he had something to do with the Sasha thing?? We will see!" — Happsmjc

Glee: Was the religion-themed episode too much?

  • "I loved the episode, but hated how preachy everyone was to Kurt. When someone says they don't believe in God — for whatever reason — let it go. It's one thing to say to Kurt 'we're your friends, we're here for you' and another to tell him that they are continuing to pray for his dad. I love when Sue's character is further developed — great scene with her sister!" — runningesq
  • "I was scared after the church scene that Kurt would turn to God and his dad would magically get better, but fortunately that cliche didn't pan out. Loved 'Papa Can You Hear Me' and 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' — all the other songs I could do without." — tarabara1229
  • "This episode was really disturbing to me. To the point where halfway through I said to my husband 'I don't know if I can watch this show any more'. So what lesson did we learn from this one? It's OK to cram your beliefs down someone else's throat even after they've told you they don't believe the same thing as you. It was basically the whole choir against poor Kurt who happens to not believe in God. Way to bully the poor kid into going to church. And as someone who has been through a situation w/ a parent like that, I know how hurtful it is for people who KNOW you're not religious to tell you things will be OK if you just pray. I can't believe more people aren't upset about this episode." — atpanda

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