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Comment Roundup From Your Highness Trailer, Carey Mulligan Movie News

Community Blabber: Your Highness Gets Your Approval

The verdict is in: you guys are excited about Your Highness! That and a couple of other Buzz stories earned your clever comments, so I've highlighted some of my favorites here. Check them out.

The Your Highness trailer has you in stitches

  • "Hilarious! And it's got some of my favorite people. Hello Franco, Zooey and Natalie!" — TheEnchantedOne
  • "It seems like it could be either really hilarious or terrible. I may see it just for the cast! Love the Franco and Portman." — reesiecup
  • "Looks like good raunchy fun." — Pistil

Carey Mulligan as The Great Gatsby's Daisy is OK with you

  • "I have a fatty girl crush on Carey Mulligan, she's amazing! I'm pleased with this decision. Ideally, Gatsby should be a bit younger than Leo, but he's also such an amazing actor that I don't mind him playing Gatsby at all. Can't wait for this movie to come out." — postmodernsleaze
  • "Oh I love this. Carey Mulligan is on fire lately! She looks the part and we know she can act. Opposite Leo?? Amazing potential." — redchick152
  • "I'm actually really happy that it's her and not ScarJo or Blake. They wouldn't do the role justice and I think that Carey will!" — ilanac13

To see what else got you guys talking, just


Gossip Girl: forget Serena, it's all about Nate and Dan

  • "I've been saying for a while that those two should hook up, better chemistry than either have with Serena, though I'll always be a fan of Serena/Dan, I'm putting a stop to that." — tonga
  • "They should hook up already and forget the tedious Serena." — cibele
  • "Haha love the bromance!! I don't think I'd want to see them hook up though. Nate is much more entertaining as a friend than a boyfriend." — genesisrocks
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