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Of Course Sacha Baron Cohen May Head to Eurovision Next!

This is one of those palm-to-forehead "of course!" moments: for his next trick, Sacha Baron Cohen will allegedly star in Eurovision: The Movie in which he will play a singer who enters the Eurovision Song Competition TV show.

Over two years ago, Borat screenwriter Dan Mazer and producer Damian Jones thought up Eurovision: The Movie, and Cohen will apparently dream up a new character who will compete on the show. Eurovision is described as an "annual TV songfest [that] brings together pop acts from 42 countries to compete for its grand prize, with the winner decided by votes from national juries. Cheesy, kitsch and often inadvertently hilarious, it's one of Europe's most-watched TV events."

Eurovision: The Movie will be another fake documentary, like Borat and Bruno. It's just a perfect combo. Cohen and Eurovision go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just check out a couple of videos from the show.


The greatness begins around 0:45.

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kellylouise kellylouise 8 years
Oh that'd be great. Looking forward to see it. But I agree that his documentary-type of films are getting old now.. he should come up with something new. It doesn't really matter what, as long as it's different, because it seems anything Sacha Baron Cohen touches turns to gold.. or at least "great success".
Emma412 Emma412 8 years
I hate Eurovision, so this could be fun
Mädchen Mädchen 8 years
I don't know what it is about Eurovision, the songs are mostly terrible, but I still watch it every year. There definitely are some rather hilarious moments each time. To be fair though, this is also the competition that gave us songs like this one: And it made Abba famous: It almost seems a bit too obvious a topic for a Sasha Baron Cohen movie.
totygoliguez totygoliguez 8 years
He is just doing the same type of movie and is getting old. I would like to see him in an other type of film other than those "documentaries" Ps: Eurovision is the biggest crap I ever seen.
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